Things you should learn to make your website well-performing in 2021

learn to make your website well-performing in 2021


There are over one billion websites in the entire world, according to the statistics. But what makes some of them much more successful than others? There are many reasons – from user’s demand to clickbait titles. Such options as social media interlinks, SEO, quality content, and other factors positively influence page traffic. However, your page’s very functioning makes it possible for users to find you in the first place. The following material aims to provide some basic recommendations on how to estimate your page performance and make it even outrun competitors with similar content.

Performance criteria

First of all, performance can be easily measured through several basic requirements. According to Hubspot, these requirements are linked with the site’s architecture and optimization. Such a thing as the content itself is ranked lower in comparison to a simple mobile optimization. Apart from that, you may check other technical aspects that can potentially influence the number of visitors daily. Therefore, if you wish to estimate your site’s performance, you should consider the following:

1. Loading speed.

This factor is the key to engine ranking as well as the user’s impressions. Hence, the need for website monitoring tools. If your site loads for a long time, an average user can easily lose interest in a bugging page and change their mind. Therefore, be careful with photo content and be cautious about media effects that can make your site “heavy” for the first load.

2. Optimization.

The majority of the contemporary users surf on their way, in the queues, during the journeys, in a café or any other public place. There, they are likely to use their gadgets instead of a laptop. Thus, if your site is not a mobile-friendly one, you will likely lose the majority of your web traffic. Make sure that your site is well-optimized for mobile surfing to establish comfort for the users who like to read and surf on their way.

3. Intuitiveness.

If your site has a complicated and tangled structure, the potential user can equally lose interest in its research. Accordingly, you may lose some of the potential users who avoid or deliberately search simpler and intuitive interfaces, where they can see all your assets. From this perspective, make sure that your site provides all its functions on the starting page so that the users will make their decisions faster.

4. Proper formats.

This principle highly depends on your knowledge of web design. If you are only a beginner in this field, you may consider some website makers’ resources to optimize the already existing or a future website. Make sure to check these landing page builders if you wish to have your site more engine-friendly and optimized in the proper format.

Performance criteria

The ways to optimize your website

As we’ve defined the basic criteria for estimating performance, here are several pieces of advice on how to make your site more productive. You may use some of these recommendations as a way of speeding your website up. Others may serve as a mere option to rank your website higher in Google searches. You may also find this website ranking checker helpful for your planning.

1. Defer JavaScript – frequently it takes a long time to download.

As a result, the user may estimate your website as slow or buggy. To avoid that, defer Java to the point so it could load only after the rest of the elements become visible. WordPress plugins fully allow for prioritizing Java and other related content to make them “defer.js”. This will allow some higher Google ranking for your website as a relatively fast one. 

2. Make it secure.

Use an SSL certificate for making your website. Make sure you use it on such websites where sensitive data is collected. Thus, if your blog visitors frequently leave their contact information, it should be properly encrypted and stored carefully. Website Grader prioritizes the site with this certificate higher than insecure ones. Even your antivirus may show that your site is insecure if it does not use SSL protocols.

3. Optimize your SEO.

With proper keywords and interlinks, you will definitely raise your traffic. Keywords allow your site to be targeted, which is vital for e-commerce or business websites. The absence of proper targeting is one of the worst mistakes a website owner can make, as their efforts will remain fruitless for a long time. Therefore, check which SEO tools are available on your website or within your website builder and use them to your advantage. What is more, proper SEO will raise awareness of your business on the net.

4. Check content.

The expiration dates of a certain content create a comparatively low impression of your site and draw the customers away. This is particularly important for the sites with e-commerce as pictures are their key asset. Make sure that your potential customer can see all the pictures, flash, media, and other expiring content. If you replace some of them, make sure to beta-test them to avoid differences in how you and your customer see them.

5. Choose the right hosting.

This recommendation mainly concerns the beginning of a new website. Thus, if your hosting is overloaded or very distant, it may create slow downloading and poor performance overall. If you only select a new hosting, make sure it is close to your country or better equipped to deliver the right performance. Avoid cheaper or free options as they provide low-quality service and frequently have no customer support.


Overall, it is easy to make your website well-functioning and in-demand in 2021. On the surface, make regular checks of your content and timely replace the expired one. If you do some crucial restructuring, consider the change of slow hosting and the removal of heavy flash and media. No matter which content you produce, the optimization of your website for gadgets is the best way of reaching its top traffic. Additionally, the successful Google search positioning allows your website to become popular and estimated as safe. In the end, be sure to check your functionality with monitoring tools and website building plugins.


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