The Writing Business: How It Works from the Inside Out


Before copywriting, blogging, content writing, and content marketing became popular professions, most people were hesitant to believe that there’s money in the writing biz. They think that the writing industry is on its way out.

Fortunately, advertising companies and the brands they represent were constantly on the lookout for better ways to market what they were selling. Top that up with the proliferation of digital platforms; you see a significant rise in a new breed of writers that could help these brands improve their conversion rate. This is where writers became more relevant and added value.

Writers And The Company’s Need To Sell

A writer who wants to be an entrepreneur can take various routes. For one, they can self-publish their books and write-ups on websites like Amazon. If they love writing novels, they can also sign-up on various platforms that publish this art piece.

However, suppose you want to work with advertising agencies and brands that sell various services and products. In that case, the route you can take is to become a blogger, copywriter, online ad creator, and other similar roles.

The latter types of writing professions are constantly in demand, especially now that businesses that want to sell have heavily saturated the digital marketplace. Writers are needed to convince the market that what a company sells is what they need. This task is not something machines can do.

The target market is composed of people who think, have needs, and embrace change. It takes another human being to understand the complex thinking and deciding process. It also takes another human being to come up with ways and words to convince these people to give a product their time of the day.

The Writing Process From The Inside Out

When you’re writing with the intent of convincing, selling, and converting leads, the process starts with knowing the product and the company behind it. Your goal as a writer here is to establish the brand as a niche authority. This is important because you need to build their credibility to sway them to act favorably about your proposition.

Building The Brand’s Credibility

The writer’s credibility-building role involves curating fresh, relevant, original, and regular content related to the brand’s niche. For example, the company you’re working for is in the real estate business. In that case, one of the things you can write about is a guide on investing in real estate even if you’re not an expert.

The key here is to offer something new, relevant, and valuable to your target market. If they see value in what you’re sharing with them and feed them that information regularly, it won’t take long until they regard you as an industry expert. When that time comes, it would be easier for you to sway them to buy whatever you’re selling.

Content curation should always start with thorough keyword research.

Every writer knows the value and importance of SEO in the marketing and writing business. People search the web using niche-relevant words or phrases that lead them to the information they’re looking for. If you’re in the writing business, you know it’s right to invest in SEO.

If you know what your target market is talking about and where they meet and discuss, you can curate content to answer their queries. If your writing pieces get viral, you can easily land the first page of every search engine search result. 

If more and more people discover your website, the latter will generate a high traffic rate that could lead to conversion. With a higher conversion rate, you could say that your business is on its way to reaching its sales and revenue goals.

Writing As A Marketing Tool

The writing business proliferates because it is a marketing arm of world-renowned brands and multimillion-dollar businesses. If you’re currently a player in this industry, you understand that there’s no easy way of doing things. Streamlining your processes, understanding your brands’ target market, and evolving content marketing strategies are the only ways of doing things right. In this review, you may check one of many sites that produce content.

Yes, it may have been an industry that’s almost on its way out once. However, if you just know how to find opportunities to position it, you can turn the industry around in a heartbeat.


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