The Value Of Unique & Bespoke Tiling Designs For Clients

For years now, the tiling market has been packed with a wide range of designs, finishes, colours, and shapes for a variety of different projects. With a wide selection of products available, both commercial and domestic projects can benefit from the personalisation, freedom, and creativity that comes with choosing tiles for the job.

Over the years there have been many emerging ideas in business and, in the tiling industry, more innovative and creative tiling solutions. In commercial settings, tiling solutions have a wide range of applications and can often be used for reception areas, public bathrooms, and office spaces. Ceramic tiles are often a popular material to use as they are cost-efficient, durable, and highly practical. Porcelain tiles have also benefited from consumer demand for being hard wearing and easy to maintain tiles.

Creating new and exciting choices for customers and clients is an important part of business operation and keeping things fresh and new. For example, creating unique tile designs and patterns within a project can help to add value and improve visual appeal. This can be done with ceramic and porcelain tiles but also with a range of other finishes too. Glass tiles and marble tiles can help add luxurious finishes and sophisticated elegance to design projects, for both domestic and commercial settings, particularly in bathrooms. Marble tiles are often a good investment for clients for their versatility, aesthetics, longevity, and high-end style.

Non-domestic applications have proved strong over the years as the growing trend of homeowners improving their property rather than moving has helped contractors and tiling companies benefit from the housing market. According to a recent AMA Research report on the floor and wall tiles market, patterns and shapes remain to be a key element in the tiling market. Their research shows that the strong demand from both contract and residential end-use sectors, as well as design and innovation trends, are key factors that have benefited the market over the past couple of years.

For domestic properties, kitchen splashbacks have been a particularly popular interior design trend in recent years with patterns such as Herringbone and also the use of hexagon tiles being well-used. While Herringbone patterns might usually be associated with flooring, they are also good to use for wall tile designs to help create a bespoke look with either simple or intricate tiles. Linear patterns might be on a timeless trend but modular patterns can also help create a more unique and eye-catching design for clients too.

To help keep up to date with the latest tiling trends, earlier this year Mosaic Village officially rebranded and became more than just mosaic tile specialists. The UK-based tiling company have always specialised in a variety of tiles, but wanted to keep up to date with the latest home decor choices and provide a wider selection of bathroom and kitchen tiles. Customers visiting their website can easily navigate through their mosaic tiles, bathroom tiles, and kitchen tiles categories to find the colours, materials, and shapes that are perfect for their renovations.

No matter the renovation project, it’s worth considering maintenance, cost, as well as visual appeal, when helping a client select the right tiles for their project. Installing unique and bespoke bathroom tiling products can significantly help to increase the real estate value of the home. Creative tile splashbacks and mosaic tile feature walls can help make a property more attractive and also more appealing on the real estate market. While many homeowners might choose traditional colours and shapes, offering them a creative variety of potential designs and patterns can help them achieve a contemporary home look.

AMA Research further highlights that, despite economic uncertainty, hiring a professional rather than doing DIY is expected to continue benefiting the tiling market. This could therefore be the ideal opportunity for contractors and designers to propose creative and bespoke tiling designs that can help clients achieve impressive unique results.


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