The Value of Catalytic Converters

catalytic converter

In automobiles, the catalytic converter performs the function of cleaning the exhaust gases. It is an important part that is valued even after its service life. There are precious metal deposits on the inner surface of the carrier. The platinum group particles react and clean the red-hot gases that come from the engine. Catalytic converter scrap value depends on its condition and the number of valuable elements. 

For what a catalytic converter is needed 

Catalytic converters can be metal or ceramic so that the part can withstand high temperatures. So that the part can withstand the effects of high temperatures. Since it can heat up to 300°C after the engine is started. Under such exposure, the catalyst recycles poisonous compounds of nitrogen, carbon, and hydrocarbon. This part eliminates more than 90% of the toxic substances that are harmful to human health and contaminate the external environment. 

When the catalytic converter fails

According to the technical regulations of cars, the average life of the catalytic converter is about 150 thousand miles. During this time, many factors can occur that affect the performance of the part. The catalytic converter is a rather demanding part, and its failure can be caused by:

  • use of low-quality fuel; 
  • ingestion of oils or other fluids into the combustion chamber; 
  • improper flushing of the fuel system, etc.

This leads to a decrease in the functionality of the catalytic converter. And over time, it completely ceases to cope with its task. 

Diagnosis of the part

Every vehicle owner can inspect the catalytic converter himself. In order to detect the breakdown, it is necessary to make a diagnosis, for which you will need a set of wrenches. In some cases, a special liquid WD-40 to soak the threads may come in handy. Removing the part from the body will allow you to inspect it from all sides, and if necessary, repair the body

Visual inspection can be performed without removing the part. It is enough just to unscrew the oxygen sensors to make way for the interior light. This method will help identify top layer breakdowns. The state of the honeycomb can be found with the help of computer diagnostics, carried out using special devices. 

How to sell the catalyst after a breakdown? 

Many buyers are ready to pay good money for the catalytic converter after it fails. The cost of the part is calculated individually for each case. Since it is influenced by many factors. And after careful analysis, the price that people are willing to pay is announced. This method of utilization will allow everyone to get back some of the money invested.

Selling an unusable catalytic converter has many advantages. You don’t have to think about where to put the unusable part, and you can get a good reward.


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