The Use of Proxy Servers for Access Control in Corporate Networks

Proxy Servers

A data breach is not only costly, but can also destroy your public image. Since a proxy server has its own IP address, it’s particularly useful for businesses. Think about it – when you connect your computer to the internet, the proxy server prevents cyber attackers from entering your private network. Besides security, proxies can be used to improve customer experience. 

Types of proxy networks in corporate servers

There are different types of proxy servers, each with a separate IP address. That said, you should understand how each works and how it can meet your business goals. 

Datacenter proxy

The customer requests from the data center proxy are routed through a server. This server is suitable for businesses that need quick response times. When users have the power to harvest data, the information is not put at risk. This proxy is suitable for corporates that want to gather intelligent information. The only downside is that you cannot use it anonymously. 

Transparent proxy

A transparent proxy appears like you’re using your computer at home. These proxies are suitable for companies that don’t want the users to know the network they are using. The only challenge is that they are susceptible to Denial of service attacks (DDoS). 

Forward proxy

These proxies are suitable for users who share an internal network. Before making a connection, the proxies examine the security of the network. It also works well for users that need a single entry point. For corporates, these proxies provide seamless administrative control. The only downside with forward proxies is that they limit the ability of a business to cater to the specific needs of an individual. 

Anonymous proxies

As the word suggests, anonymous proxies conceal your identity and computer information. While they do a great job to protect your identity, users may face pushback. 

Distorting proxy

A distorting proxy hides your identity with an incorrect IP address. It works well for organizations that want to conceal information of other users. Even better, the data cannot be traced after signing off from a network. The only problem with distorting proxy is that a third party can access the personal data of employees. 

Residential proxy

All requests of a residential proxy are channeled through a specific device. It works well for businesses that want to verify ads before going to their site. These proxies can be expensive, so it’s important that you verify whether you’re ready to make the investment. 

Shared proxy

The IP address of a shared proxy is used by one person at a time. But what makes it interesting is the fact that users appear like they browse at a location of their choice. Other than that, a shared proxy is affordable and works well for businesses on a budget. It can be a solid option for start-ups that don’t need a fast internet connection. 

Rotating proxy

A rotating proxy assigns a unique IP address to users after connecting to a network. It’s ideal for businesses that work with high-volume data. This proxy is prone to data breaches so you should be careful when using it on your network. 

SSL Proxy

An SSL proxy encrypts data between users and servers – every device you connect to the network is given a unique IP address. When data is encrypted from both directions, it can be challenging to identify where it’s coming from or going to. SSL proxies are suitable for organizations that want to prevent threats associated with SSL. This is what Google recommends businesses to use. The only downside with this proxy is that the SSL may not be captured when users visit the website multiple times. 

Reverse Proxy

This proxy sits in front of web servers – it works by intercepting requests to and from the server. Reverse proxies can be the best option for businesses that deal with many requests. And because they work like another web server, organizations can reduce their bandwidth. The downside with these proxies is that they expose your HTTPS, making it easier for attackers to take control of your website. For this reason, you should beef up your firewall in your network. 

Why use proxy servers in corporate networks

The benefits of proxy servers go beyond private browsing, accessing location-specific content, and enhanced security. Here is how proxy servers provide broad protection in your business. 

You can do sensitive tasks anonymously

With a proxy server, you can handle sensitive tasks and keep your web presence anonymous. In a corporate setting, proxies can protect your data (especially when doing tasks online). This is a surefire way to complete sensitive business tasks. 

But that’s not all. You can design a proxy server with a specific address to access location-specific content. This allows businesses to access data and make the address look like the users are in that specific country. This technology also allows you to access restricted websites. 

To balance traffic 

Most customers get annoyed when traffic slows down. When data is stored on multiple servers, peering can help to store more information. With a proxy server, you can create an address that serves as the access point. If you balance requests from every server, there’s no information overload, and customers enjoy a seamless experience. 

Faster speeds and bandwidth savings

While most people think that proxy servers slow down the internet, this is far from the truth. Typically, these servers save on bandwidth by catching files and web pages from multiple users. This frees up your busy network, so you browse the internet much faster. 

Controls internet usage

A proxy server allows you to control which website you use to access the network. You can also decide the sites you want your workers to access. If there are sites that distract the employees, you can block them too. This feature allows you to monitor any illegal activity and site breaches. If your employees spend a lot of time on Facebook, you can avoid such time-wasting temptations. 

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