The Unpredictable John Gleeson

John Gleeson

Cricket bowlers not only need to be quite good in throwing balls that are as difficult as possible to handle by batters. It also helps them a lot if they can deceive the batter regarding the path that the ball will follow after the delivery. The online bookmaker can be visited to wager on the best bowlers that the sport of cricket has to offer.

A cricket bowler who was great in deceiving batters was John Gleeson. He was an Australian cricketer who had a relatively brief career, which lasted between 1967 and 1974. However, those short years were enough for him to impress the world with his talent and with his unpredictable deliveries. Punters can visit 1xBet in order to wager on the best cricket bowlers who play in Australia and everywhere else around the world.

A special technique

Prior to the emergence of Gleeson into professional cricket, there was a very famous ball grip called “bent-finger”. It was popularized by Jack Iverson, who held the ball with two fingers, one of them being the middle finger, which, as the name of the grip suggests, was bent. Bettors can find the cricket score today, which also allows them to see how the best bowlers in the game are performing.

Jack Gleeson based his own technique on Iverson’s. However, he made a few adjustments of his own in order to make things even more difficult for his opponents. In general, some of the most important aspects of his delivery technique were:

  • he had an extremely precise control of his fingers, meaning that his deliveries were unusually accurate;
  • he used the legbreak googly technique as a base for his spins;
  • also, he constantly tested new techniques and methods during professional matches.

The best cricket score today is available only on 1xBet, and punters can visit the site to see what the best bowlers in cricket are doing. Curiously, Gleeson himself claimed that he developed his basic technique after putting his fingers in similar postures when milking cows when he was a kid.

Causing problems to opposing batsmen

Maybe now it is more clear to see why John Gleeson was so difficult for opposing batsmen. He showed his best talent during different Test matches. These kinds of contests can be wagered by visiting, which has matches from all over the world.

In a curious episode, when the Australian team traveled to South Africa for a tour, Gleeson decided to get insurance for his right hand. Also, in the Ashes series which took place between 1970 and 1971, the player was the top wicket taker. English players didn’t know what to do with him. Both the Australian and English teams can be wagered at the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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