The Ultimate Guide to Video Testimonials That Boost Sales

Testimonial Video

By Sam Shepler

No matter how unique your product or service is, people who have never heard of your business will be skeptical at first until you earn their trust. You can spend a lot of time creating marketing and brand awareness content, but word of mouth from satisfied consumers is still the most successful method nowadays.

That’s why testimonial videos are an excellent marketing technique for establishing brand trust, and they’re exactly what your prospects require to become paying consumers. Get your video templates for testimonial.

Consider video testimonial tools

Video testimonials allow potential customers to see real customers express their true thoughts about your company’s services or products, giving you absolute business value. A satisfied customer is your company’s best salesperson, and a video testimonial guarantees that their satisfaction is optimum. To make sure your video testimonials are handed well, you can add and manage video testimonials on your website using a plugin and video testimonial service.

However, if you are trying to get going with testimonial videos on your own, here are some simple steps to get you started.

Tips for creating your successful testimonial video

Testimonials can be crucial to a company’s reputation, and their power comes from clients’ trust in the products and their delight and satisfaction with the service. Therefore, they are one of the most valuable marketing assets for all kinds of companies. They provide credibility in the eyes of potential customers who want to be sure their chosen product or service is the greatest fit available.

There are various factors to consider while creating excellent customer testimonial videos that your company will use for marketing and sales purposes. Below are the five most important factors you should consider.

1.   Identify the ideal customers for the job

You can begin by considering who would be willing to support you fully in this pursuit and who would be able to promote your product or service well. After you’ve narrowed your selection down to a few names, try to categorize them based on expected camera presence.

Keep track of factors like idea coherence, presenting skills, a love of show business, and a desire to teach. Knowing as much as you can about your advocates can be helpful.

The message you want to deliver to viewers through the testimonial should be instructive, authentic and motivating, and focused on the person and their experience rather than your product.

When you’re ready to approach clients and give them the chance to express their enthusiasm, try to reach out to them directly. Even if you’re tempted to sit down at your desk and send an email, a phone call is more personal and faster. In addition, it allows you to dive deep into the proposal and address any problems right away.

2.   Compose relevant questions and think them through

If you want to get the most out of your video testimonial, start by considering the audience for which you’re creating it. What are some of the most often asked questions during the decision-making process? What are some common objections that your sales staff needs to deal with regularly?

Try communicating with your colleagues in sales, product development, and customer success to improve the accuracy of your research. Then, based on your study and with your target audience in mind, make a list of questions and subjects to cover during the testimonial interview.

These questions should be focused on providing more and complete information on the benefits of your product, the whole buying experience, and the joy associated with the total purchase to your prospects.

While giving your advocate advance notice of what you’ll ask might be helpful, the key to a good customer testimonial interview is having your clients answer your questions spontaneously, without prior rehearsal. An open and relaxed manner will also translate to a natural, genuine vibe for the testimony.

3.   Locate the ideal setting for an interview

The key to selecting the ideal place for your testimonial is to choose a setting where your customers will feel at ease enough to engage in an open conversation with you.

Your office or their office are likely both good options, especially if the team is comfortable with the space. However, if the situation requires it, you can be innovative. For example, a quiet spot at an event, an inside setting like a local cafe, or anywhere outside with incredible scenery but few distractions are all great choices.

You should remember that the environment might be relevant to the video testimonial’s viewers and help reinforce the message you want to deliver. If you’re filming a video on health care technology, for example, you should film among the patients who will benefit from the product, not in a server room where your solution is located.

4.   Begin your interview with confidence

Make an effort to avoid appearing rehearsed or robotic during the interview. Don’t tell advocates what they need to say in response to a question. You have no way of knowing what it is about your brand that has pleased them. Instead, emphasize the conversation itself, taking the subject through all storyline stages, using your questions as a guide rather than a script.

You aim to cover all of your questions and allow customers to openly discuss their experiences with your product, service, or company. That should give you plenty of raw video footage to work with during the editing process.

It’s also advisable to avoid yes-or-no questions because they can be hard to follow up on, and it’s often challenging to capture an answer inside the final video without recording yourself.

5.   To wrap it up – editing

At first sight, editing can appear to be a challenging task. However, consider your raw video footage to be a diamond that needs to be polished into a pure, valuable jewel for your sales and marketing efforts, capturing the voice of your most satisfied customers and attracting even more of them.

The idea is for your video to have a consistent storyline by the time it’s finished editing. Consider editing or reorganizing the story if your film has repetitions or doesn’t have a solid, logical flow. This will give your video testimonial pace and structure.


The way we consume information is changing. Every year, videos appear to gain popularity as a way of distributing and consuming information. A company that prioritizes video above text and converts its customer testimonials into aesthetically engaging videos will stand out.

A testimonial video works well in email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and webpages as user-generated content. They are excellent educational and conversion rate optimization services and tools.

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