The Ultimate French Adventure: Discovering Hidden Gems with a Tourist Visa  

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We all know France for its famous iconic landmarks like the Eifel Tower, Chateau de Chambord, Mont St Michel, and many more. But there is much more to France besides the famous landmarks that attract many tourists worldwide. The tourist charm of France is unmatched, whether anyone wants a place with sumptuous cuisine, beautiful landmarks, or natural sites. So, if you want the ultimate French adventure, you will need a comprehensive guide to discovering hidden gems in the region.

It is time to explore France off the beaten track for an exceptional and adventurous European experience. You will see a side of France you might have never seen or imagined. So, if you booked your Disneyland Paris holidays UK, you will travel to France soon. After you have explored Europe’s most beloved theme park, you can explore the country’s hidden gems for a unique holiday experience. 

Hidden Gems of France for the Ultimate Adventure

Colmar, Alsace

You must visit Colmar in the Alsace region to explore the picturesque French towns. This town is all about the classic French cobblestone streets and vibrantly coloured houses. So, you will get a chance to stroll down these picture-perfect streets and experience the hidden beauty of the country. Moreover, you will also find beautiful canals throughout the town, making it much more magical and beautiful. 

The town has a very romantic and serene atmosphere, making it the favourite of couples. Also, the local food items here will leave you wanting more. If you also want to learn more about French history and culture, visit the fascinating Underliden Museum. 

Verdon Gorge

If you want the perfect French adventure, you cannot miss out on the Verdon Gorge. It is also known as the country’s Grand Canyon and is the largest canyon on the continent. This place alone is enough to tell you about the natural grandeur of the country. You will see some of the most captivating landscapes here, including sparkling turquoise waters, limestone cliffs, and lush green alpine. 

In addition to the spectacular views, Verdon Gorge offers numerous adrenaline-rushing activities, including hiking and white-water sports. So, this is a must-visit spot for all nature and adventure lovers. 


Who wouldn’t want to marvel at the medieval town that reflects the history and culture of the country? It is also referred to as one of the hidden gems of France and looks like a town straight out of a history book. This town has a lot to explore, including a UNESCO heritage site. This ancient fortress represents that region’s history, featuring chivalrous people. If you want to know more about the city’s history, you must take the time to explore La Cite.

Moreover, Carcassonne has the typical cobblestone streets that France is known for. These streets have a charm that leaves everyone in awe of the region. You should also visit Chateau Comtal, where you will get the most scenic views. 


You can never go wrong with the coastal regions. So, if you want to see the coastal beauty of France, you should head towards Etretat, Normandy. This place is undoubtedly the favourite spot of all lovers and photographers because of its panoramic views and scenic beauty. Etretat has natural arches and glorious cliffs that are unparalleled in their splendour. You can soak in the scenic beauty of this sight through various viewpoints, including Falaise d’Aval and Falaise d’Amont. 

Moreover, you can also indulge in numerous adventurous activities like hiking and various other outdoor adventures. There are also pebble beaches here where you can relax where you can relax after all the adventures. 

Dune Du Pilat

Dune Du Pilat is another one of the must-visit places in France for adventure lovers. It gives you a proper off-the-beaten paths experience as it is the tallest dune on the whole continent. You also get splendid views of the beautiful pine forests, the Atlantic Ocean, and Arcachon Bay. Therefore, you can witness the most mesmerising and captivating landscapes and participate in various adrenaline-rushing activities. 

Whether you like hiking or swimming, you can do both here. Moreover. While at the Dune Du Pilat, don’t forget to savour fresh oysters at any of the many bistros here. 

Les Calanques

Les Calanques’ stunning and diverse landscapes are unparalleled in their natural splendour, and there are many hidden gems within this hidden gem of France. You will find glorious hidden beaches, spectacular hidden coves, and well-defined hiking trails at these Mediterranean fjords. It is a heavenly place with its limestone cliffs and sparkling turquoise waters.

So, if you want nature and adventure in a single sight, you cannot miss out on Les Calanques. It displays the coastal beauty of France at its best. 

Final Words

France is known for its famous landmarks and mouthwatering cuisine. But the country is also rich in natural beauty and adventurous opportunities that many tourists are unaware of. So, if you have got your tourist visa and booked flights to France, it is time to learn about the country’s adventurous side, too. We have mentioned some of the must-visit hidden gems in France for the ultimate French adventure. 


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