The Truth About Crypto

Bitcoin Crypto

The Cryptocurrency frenzy has almost everybody interested in investing in it or understanding it. This is because Cryptocurrency is changing the financial world, and everybody has a stake in that. So, everyone needs a basic grasp of what Crypto is and why it transforms the market. Here is the truth about Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency: The Basics

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency designed to be secure and anonymous. It is intended to be an exchange medium using Cryptography to secure transactions. Production of additional units of money can be controlled as well. The underlying technology behind Cryptocurrency is Blockchain, a public ledger where all Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded.

1. Accessible To Everyone

Cryptocurrency is accessible to anyone from any corner of the world as long as they have an internet connection. This makes it easily accessible to even those with limited or no access to financial institutions like banks and their services. They can download a Crypto wallet to their smartphones or use websites like Bitcoin Profit to earn a profit in Cryptocurrency trading. The peer-to-peer system of Cryptocurrency makes it possible for anyone to take a position at the financial table.

2. Decentralized

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, free from any centralized authority like banks, Governments, etc. This means that a trader’s money is safe and cannot be seized or tampered with. Cryptocurrency offers transparency in its ledger that financial institutions have never provided. Cryptocurrency safeguards the interests of the people instead of working for financial institutions.

3. Market Worth

The global Cryptocurrency market is expected to be worth $2.73 billion by 2025. There are almost 9,000 Cryptocurrencies floating around in the market. The number is constantly increasing with a market capitalization of over $2 trillion, equal to 18% of the total gold holdings globally. The top 5 crypto assets have a market capitalization of 70% of the outstanding market capitalization. When something is accessible, free, and safe to use, everybody wants a part in it. This is why Cryptocurrency exploded the way it did in the financial market globally.

4. Use of Cryptocurrency

Currently, Cryptocurrency is used as an asset similar to stocks or precious metals like Gold. Bitcoin is considered the most lucrative investment option despite its volatile nature. Apart from a purchase, Cryptocurrency can also be utilized to buy regular products and services. Many flights, restaurants, and apps accept Cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Cryptocurrencies are also being used for minting NFTs and in Defi. The high volatility in Cryptocurrencies makes it a high probability that it will be utilized as a store of value rather than a traditional currency.

Origin of Cryptocurrency’s Value

Cryptocurrency assets, just like other assets such as Gold, only derive value because people think that it has value. There is no scientific or logical model behind the value of any Cryptocurrencies asset. For example, the value of Bitcoin took a dip when Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced that Tesla would suspend Bitcoin as a payment method because it is concerned about the impact of fossil fuels and the environment.

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