The Top 5 Best Professional Resume And CV Writing Services: A Guide to Companies That Will Boost Your Career

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Job searching and resume writing are stressful activities that can exhaust even the toughest professionals. So it looks reasonable to outsource at least part of the task, that is, the creation of a resume. Luckily, today there are plenty of companies that offer myriads of services related to resumes, CVs, and cover letters, from editing and analyzing to writing and distribution.

However, only the best resume services can guarantee you the boost in interview appointments, tailoring of resumes for your needs, and optimization of the document for automated systems of applicant tracking. So how to pick a company that will deliver on its promises? And is it worth its price? Read on to learn about the resume writing costs and the companies you can trust.

Getting Your CV And Resume Written Professionally: Pros And Cons

Let us share an insight from experienced recruiters: practically every resume can benefit from a third-party review and editing. You as an applicant may want to fit your every accomplishment into a single-page document, thus overloading it to the point of explosion. Or you may repeat the same idea in different words, or omit some crucial element of your career or experience, thus reducing your chances of being noticed by recruiters.

Whatever the case, the look from aside will help you see the flaws and fix them, and this look taken by a professional may even help you bring your resume to the next level of excellence. In addition, with an increase in the use of applicant tracking systems and algorithms for resume filtering, resume optimization is a must. Well-equipped professionals from a reputable resume writing service are best prepared to face this challenge and make your document visible for impassioned machines.

So, yes, if you have some time and money, it’s better to outsource the task of resume writing to professionals and get the best possible result – in terms of a document and interview appointments. 

Cost Evaluation: The Prices For Hiring A Professional Resume Writer

So the next important question is how much you need to cash out to get truly impressive results. The prices vary on the market of professional resume writing services; some companies may charge more and some may charge less, depending on the scope of services delivered and the turnaround time.

The minimum threshold cannot be around $10, it’s an outward scam. Decent service begins at the level of around $90, and it includes resume writing only (no cover letter) with a deadline of around a week or more. If the deadline is tight, be prepared to pay around $130 for the same service. If you choose a package of a resume and a cover letter and have plenty of time, the price will also amount to approximately $100+.

Service package content can vary from company to company, so you may find the prices as high as $650. This pricey option may include the writing of several documents, lots of editing rounds, plus the completion of a thank-you letter to send to the recruiters after an interview. But you’d better check in advance what’s on the menu.

Narrowing Down: Average Costs Of Resume Writing

If you look at the document as such, the cost is around $60 for writing a simple entry-level resume, usually one page long. If a resume needs to be customized and fit some narrow professional field, like healthcare or engineering, the price will go up to $80 or $90, depending on the complexity of the fields and your requirements.

Now consider the timing. The deadline of 10 days will not impact the cost while deducting even one day from this deadline will make the price go up. The cost will grow incrementally in line with the reduction of the allocated time. The 12-hour deadline will bring the costs up to $160 for the same simple one-page resume. So while in general the prices charged by resume professionals are quite palatable, be careful to allow a sufficient amount of time for writing. Otherwise, the price will grow impressively.

Top 5 Writing Services to Hire For Professional Resume Writing

Below find the list of top rated resume writing services that have their specialization and unique offers. Each service is great, and it is the excellence in some particular area that secured the place in this rating. Look through the list, consider what specific aspect of services interests you, and place your order with confidence.

It is overall the best resume writing service we can recommend in the field. The correlation of document quality vs. service vs. price is truly perfect, and the selection of special services and options is huge. The company offers a wide spectrum of works, from editing to writing to social media profile updating, and 120,000 completed resumes testify to its popularity. You can order a sole resume or buy a package including a cover letter, or even download a free sample to check the level of services offered. Besides, you can order a customized ATS-suitable resume in a variety of professional fields, from executive to academia to engineering. ResumeThatWorks offers a range of guarantees and benefits, including free revisions, short deadlines, a guarantee of interview invite, and efficient customer support.

Strong sides: a full package of guarantees is provided; a resume can be customized for a specific field; free samples are available. Pricing is moderate.

Weak sides: option of free preliminary resume reviewing is not mentioned on the website, so clarify it in advance.

Pricing: begins at $95 for a resume and goes up incrementally as complexity and the number of services included grows.


We readily recommend this service because the team is very responsive, the number of specific works offered is big, and the quality of a final document is fine. The advantages begin with the option of free resume reviewing and providing you with feedback. From that point, you can decide if you will fix the document yourself or hire an expert. The company offers three key packages: resume writing, a resume plus a cover letter, and the two, plus LinkedIn boost. The price will grow correspondingly, as you can guess. In each package, you will get a well-written document, optimized for Applicant Tracking System and matched to the career field you mention. In addition, you will get guarantees of quality and interview invites.

Strong sides: a free review of your existing resume performed by one of the writers; keyword optimization is provided by default; the guarantee of increase in the number of job interviews you are invited to attend.

Weak sides: no full refund guarantee; high prices even for entry-level.

Pricing: the entry package costs $149, the mid-level package costs $219, and the executive level package is $349.


It is the next member of our Top professional resume writers club. Right from the start, the company makes a generous offer to analyze an applicant’s resume for free (in the course of two days after the document uploading). As testimonies claim, this offer is true and the results of reviewing are useful. So that’s already a reason to pay attention to this service. The next big reason is high attention paid to ATS filtering of resumes performed by recruiters. So, every resume is optimized and then checked for compatibility and visibility to filtering algorithms. It goes without saying that the service delivers cool resumes and cover letters, with its specialty being creative and IT industries, and offers a standard set of guarantees and revisions. So if you aim high, visit the site and see what they can do for you in particular.

Strong sides: every written resume is tested for the ATS score (with help of the similar software). The company claims to help candidates land jobs at famous IT companies like Google and Apple, and in other digitally oriented companies like Groupon.

Weak sides: pricing may look a bit extra for applicants who only plan to enter the job market (especially the executive package). Quality guarantees do not state explicitly that there is a refund option if something goes not as expected.

Pricing: there are 4 service packages to buy, starting with $139, and proceeding through levels $189, $299, up to $799 for the special executive resume package.

The company takes its pride in the fact that it offers solutions for every job seeker, from a newbie to a professional looking for a career change. The biggest advantage is the team that includes highly qualified and tested writers who specialize in resume writing, including vocabulary, structuring, key blocks to include (and to avoid), etc. In addition to regular resume writing and editing, the company offers ATS optimization, consultations, resume distribution, and even social profile updating. The only downside is that these additional options do not count towards the cost of a package you purchase and you have to buy them separately.

Strong sides: close collaboration with your writer, ATS optimization, consulting on resume writing.

Weak sides: typical services like social media updates or cover letters are sold as separate add-ons. 

Pricing: the starting package for students costs $169.95, the next level is $199.95, the career change package costs $249.95, and the executive package is $299.95.


This professional resume writing service practices half-writing, half consulting approach. It means that the working process foresees close communication happening between you and a writer, so your resume is carefully tailored to your needs and professional persona. That’s why you can be sure that you get the one-of-the-kind resume that reflects your accomplishments and aspirations. The company offers all necessary services like editing, writing, and social media assistance, plus it focuses on resume optimization for applicant tracking systems. Reviews for the company are very positive and pricing does not scare away entry-level applicants. 

Strong sides: ATS optimization of resumes, close interactions between you and your writer, meticulous tailoring of your document.

Weak sides: no list of companies that hired people with Resumeble resumes, no free resume reviews. 

Pricing: the entry-level costs $149, the mid-level (Professional) one costs $229, and the top package costs $339.


We hope this list and brief analysis of key pros and cons will help you determine what resume writing services best match your needs and career goals. Check the prices, see what specialties are offered by each company and give your career a boost. And remember that you deserve the best only – be it a career, job, or resume writing company!


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