The Top 10 Business Name Generators Globally Revealed 

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A business’s name is incredibly important to its success. A business’s brand is even more important to its success and this brand is established by the name of the business. Branding is one of the key factors when it comes to developing a healthy relationship between company and consumer. As a result, creating an impactful business name is essential to the success of a business. When starting a business it can be difficult to come up with a creative and catchy name that properly conveys what your business is about. Thankfully, there are plenty of business name generators available to help you in this process. 

1. Oberlo 

To use this business name generator you need to insert a keyword that is relevant to your business. To help the business name generator create more specific business names for your business you can add other keywords as well. For example, if your root word is car you can choose options like vintage, or sports to make the name specific to your business. 

2. Shopify

Shopify will generate thousands of potential business names. Additionally, Shopify will only show names that have available domains to make establishing the online presence of your business even easier. It is also designed to generate unique business names which you can use as is or as inspiration for your own creativity.  

3. WebHostingGeeks 

This name generator requires you to enter keywords and then asks where you would like these keywords to appear in your business name. This allows you to customize your business name and your domain name should you wish to. This generator also checks Twitter for the availability of the generated names for additional convenience. 

4.. Brand Root 

Brand Root is different from the other business name generators in that each business name is handpicked and then put up for sale along with the registered .com domain name. Some names are marketed at a higher price tag than others and these names tend to be more creative and unique. 

5. Freshbooks 

The Freshbooks name generator prompts you to select which industry your business is in and then enter keywords associated with your business. This helps the generator create business names which are more specific to the industry of your business. The generator only produces three names initially but it can produce more than this. 

6. Wordlab 

The Wordlab business name generator has over seven million names available for you to choose from however it is not as customisable as the other business name generators mentioned. You have to cycle through the names individually in order to find a name that suits your business idea. 

7. Getsocio

The Getsocio business name generator prompts you to enter a keyword to begin generating thousands of business names for you. The downside of this generator is that the domain names it produces end with and not just .com. However it can assist you in creating your own e-commerce store which is convenient. 

8. Name Mesh 

The Name Mesh business name generator divides the names it generates into different categories for your convenience. These include common, similar, new and fun to give you a better understanding of the names it has generated. This generator will show available domain names in green text and allows you to hide business names with already registered domains. 

9. Namesmith 

This is one of the more creative business name generators available. You can insert up to five keywords and the generator will create business names with interesting combinations of these words. These include adding suffixes/prefixes, misspelling the words in interesting ways and creating combination words for your business name.  

10. TRUiC 

The Really Useful Information Company or TRUiC’s Business Name Generator is the most advanced AI business name generator available. The generator asks you to enter keywords and which industry your business is in. Then the generator will create hundreds of potential business names as well as including an easy link to purchase the domain name as well as create a free logo for your business. 

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of business name generators available for free online. However none of these are as advanced or as useful as the TRUiC business name generator. This generator will easily allow you to purchase your domain name, a business phone number and generate you potential logos for your business. It also has the most sophisticated AI behind it of any business name generator. 


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