The Three Simplified Steps in Making a YouTube Channel Name


By William Nunez

YouTube is one of the most successful social media outlets used today by people of all ages. From a website that started from simple video sharing, YouTube now become a huge domain for a variety of industries that were once known to only exist in televisions. Entertainment, news and information, variety shows, cartoons, and educational materials are now hosted on this website through its user’s channels.

Nowadays, hundreds of successful influencers all over the globe were able to establish their brand names on YouTube through merchandising or content sharing. Some do content creation as a full-time career because they were able to monetize their channel through ads and YouTube Partner Program. Although not all aspiring YouTubers carved their way to success towards YouTube stardom, new users and aspiring influencers continue to create respective channels in hopes of entering the competitive video-sharing industry. In this article, we’ll introduce you to our three simplified steps in formulating your own YouTube channel name. Establishing a good YouTube name is one of the first steps in starting your YouTube career. Read on!

Step 1: Know Your Brand

Some aspiring influencers blindly jump into content creation by simply following trendy ideas— which then creates so-called “garbage” content by agitated viewers. Some also try to enter the industry without considering their target market, making their channel ineffective for monetization.

Branding plays an important role in both content creation and accessibility to your audience, which makes profitability possible. A brand defines what kind of content is being presented or fed to your target audience. This becomes a great stepping stone in making a successful YouTube name for your channel. Branding answers the question “what do you want to be known for?” This means that your YouTube name will always be known through the content you introduce. Are you a gaming content creator? Travel guide or tutorials? Educational content or music creator? Whatever content you share within your channel will almost always be associated with your YouTube name.

Many amateur YouTubers find it hard to create an established YouTube name due to the multitude number of content creators. A solid brand is always known for its capacity to be known and remembered, therefore formulating a cool YouTube name channel based on your brand is an essential step to be a successful YouTuber.

Step 2: Research and Analysis

Creating a name in the YouTube industry may not be as simple as signing up as a new user. If taking into consideration the outcome of creating a successful channel, thorough research and analysis are necessary. Before even listing some YouTube name ideas, it is also important to understand local and international YouTube channels coming from the same field as yours. Study their channel names: are the names on point compared to their content? Was the YouTube name catchy and easy to remember? Do they associate their content with a specific branding or logo?


We can take advantage of Google’s search engine to evaluate the YouTube name you have in mind. Try filling it in the search field to know if other users already use this name. Of course, you do not want a name that is similar to other influencers and you want it to be as unique as possible without altering the brand you are trying to establish in your channel. We call this kind of competitor research Competitive Name Analysis. You may read more about the Competitive Name Analysis here.

Step 3: Make Your List!

We bet you already have an awesome YouTube name in mind but the more the options the better, right? We won’t give you the exact steps on how you make your list, but we can suggest a few methods on how to do it.

You can start your list by going back to Step 1, what is your brand identity? If you are trying to cater on a food channel, let’s say cooking recipe or instructions, you may be better using suggestive names such as:

  • The Kitchen Daily
  • Sizzling Pot
  • 911 Recipe

We call these names suggestive names because the name directly addresses your channel’s niche. There is also another naming category such as descriptive names (describing the service or the content) and abstract names (catchy, easy to remember names).

You may consider using a smart and automated AI-based name generator for businesses available online for more suggestive and faster means of making your YouTube name list. These name generators help users find the best and brandable names that are free and unique. You can find one with just a click of a button or try our suggested Business Name Generator.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a YouTube channel is difficult but was proven to be beneficial when planned and created correctly. Identifying the disadvantages and setbacks are also a good starting point to creating a successful channel but keep in mind the kind of YouTube name that you would want to use for your content. Consider the audience, your branding, competitors, and meticulously create your lists accordingly.

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