The Simplified Future of Remote Collaboration with Teams Calling

Remote Collaboration with Teams Calling

Since March last year, an increasing number of companies have accelerated their use of technology to remain resilient. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many firms relied on communication and collaboration solutions from tech giants like Microsoft. These tools allowed their teams to supply a seamless service while working remotely.

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 was among the most popular options used. Now, the technology firm offers a way for firms to make and take Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls using a solution called Teams Calling combined with a phone system based in the cloud. This innovative solution has now enhanced the collaboration capabilities for enterprises in multiple ways while remaining effortlessly easy to use.

What are the limitations of remote collaboration?

Clear communication between all parties involved is vital for any project. When colleagues must meet remotely online, this presents specific challenges. Arranging an ideal meeting time isn’t easy when staff work on different schedules and time zones, and the call quality isn’t always as perfect. Audio or picture problems can often hamper understanding.

When working remotely, team members may also use different equipment to collaborate, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops. As a result, they may communicate and share files via a wide variety of platforms which can slow workflow.

Microsoft Teams Calling offers exceptional audio and image quality and VoIP calls can be made or received on any device using a single company telephone number. Calls are easy to make and take, directly from the same platform where staff use chats and video meetings, making for a more streamlined way of working.

Why is it important to have the best remote collaboration?

Firms already using technology to communicate and work flexibly before the pandemic found it the easiest to transition to remote collaboration. While other enterprises were struggling to find their feet working remotely, these companies simply carried on providing the premium service and products that customers and clients expected from them.

The lesson is that having the best remote collaboration method ensures that companies never lose business to their competition and keep operating effectively.

How are remote collaboration tools changing?

Businesses operating in the modern market are increasingly favouring a more agile way of working and collaboration tools developed by Microsoft have been quick to answer the call. Teams Calling offers business professionals a way to make and receive calls to collaborate using a single company number. This means that regardless of whether staff are working at home, in the office or when travelling on business, they can present a reassuring and professional image to clients and customers.

Entirely flexible, Teams Calling allows users to collaborate easier at a moment’s notice. Calls can be initiated from chats, while data can be smoothly and securely shared with colleagues or external consultants. Meetings can be launched within the same platform and new contacts added. VoIP calls can also be accessed in three different ways to suit the personal preference of a user, answering another trend in collaboration tools, tailoring solutions to specific tastes and applications.

How does integrated internal and external collaboration improve business productivity?

The more efficiently a firm can collaborate, the better business productivity will be. An integrated option like Microsoft Teams Calling offers many advantages for internal and external collaboration. Previously, to make a VoIP call, staff would need to take their attention away from their workstation, but with a solution incorporated within the Teams platform, they can remain in their main activity hub.

Able to effortlessly multi-task, they can monitor inter-colleague communications while file sharing, arranging, and conducting meetings and taking and making calls. When they communicate externally with consultants, clients, and customers, they can easily access all the information they require, facilitating clearer and quicker collaboration.

The overall impact of using a solution such as Teams Calling is enhanced workflow and increased productivity for businesses.

A simple solution for advanced collaboration

To sum up, companies looking to stay competitive and become leaders in their sector would be well advised to consider Microsoft Teams calling for collaborating. Offering a fully integrated option that facilitates data sharing, remote working and secure communications both internally and externally, this VoIP solution has much to offer.


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