The secrets behind bitcoin rising popularity

bitcoin rising

What makes the crypto so exciting and attractive, that only in 12 years, the foundation of cryptocurrency has successfully managed to build up its own digital market. Forex and commodity trading has been in the financial sector trading for a very long time, but digital currencies took a very short time to gain popularity.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has brought a significant change in the payment system. Virtual currency network enabling peer-to-peer connection among people all around the world. The rise of the most volatile digital asset has been tremendous so far, millions of people have started using digital currency as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

This article would help you to go through the secrets behind the impeccable rise of cryptocurrencies all around the world. There is something that makes the crypto market attractive and unique, let’s find out, what it is.

The first-ever virtual currency launched successfully 

Bitcoin emergence has made history. There was a time when all the financial transactions were centralized and trackable. Blockchain technology introduced a decentralized financial infrastructure that secures the transactions from being visible to anyone trying to track it. The independent network facilitates users to get rid of the government watchdogs and complicated was hard to believe in 2009, that bitcoin would become the market leader in the crypto market.

The first few years of bitcoin were not so good, as people were trying to understand the infrastructure behind blockchain technology, but when the people started to realize the impact that it could have, the demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies escalated far more than expectations.

Bitcoin was not actually the first cryptocurrency, there were many attempts being made by other developers and institutes regarding crypto. Bitcoin was the first successful cryptocurrency that did not fail to reach its final completion.

The ease of quick and cheap transactions

The traditional methods to send money are time-consuming and expensive. When someone wants to send money or receive it, it’s not that simple to process the transaction.

The involvement of central authorities makes the process complicated, as the verification process takes time and it takes days to transfer funds internationally. The fees charged on the transaction of funds through banks is also very high.

On the other hand, virtual currencies are based on decentralized networks where there are no “middleman” or central constraints involved, which makes the transfer of funds quicker than banks. Secondly, the fee charged on transactions using digital currencies is much low as compared to traditional currencies. The transaction time is reduced from days to minutes while using virtual currencies as a payment method.

Highly volatile nature of bitcoin

The best thing about bitcoin and most of the others is that it is not controlled and regulated by any central authority. The users are the controllers. Due to this fact, the bitcoin market is heavily dependent on the demand-supply mechanism. A highly volatile market is not a good aspect of the crypto market according to many financial experts, because on one side when someone gets to benefit from the volatility, on the other hand, someone also faces loss.

If one is unaware of the market volatility and investing methods then chances are loss is quite high, but most of the investors and traders have managed to made exceptional gains. There are AI-powered platforms like bitqt official site that enables investors to avoid losses while trading bitcoin.

The reason behind high price speculation questions bitcoin’s legitimacy, whenever negative “word of mouth” is spread the price falls, right after sometime when any financial institute announces to buy bitcoin or even just show interest in buying, the price escalates.

Less risky than other digital assets

One of the main reasons behind bitcoins popularity is that investors feel more confident and secure while investing in bitcoin, due to the fact that there is no central body involved and the product is purely digital.

The bitcoin network is strong enough to protect the network from fraud and hackers. The blockchain technology that backs bitcoin is almost impossible to hack. The information related to one transaction is not stored in one block instead different components of information are spread on different parts of the network. The involvement of cryptography to secure the connection is something that gives strength to the blockchain.


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