The Role That Technology is Playing in the Fight Against Climate Change


Climate change. Two words that we are confident many reading this and beyond have seen and heard more times than they can count on two hands. With the effects of climate change becoming ever more apparent over time, questions may begin to form for some people on what could be done to combat these effects and what could be done to slow down the rate of climate change as a whole.  

While there are things that can be done as an individual and a collective, there have been developments over time within the technological world, which have been positively contributing to this fight against climate change.  

This is something that we will be considering in this piece: what role is technology playing in the fight against climate change? If you are interested in finding out more about the resources that are fuelling the battle, alongside your own efforts, then get yourself comfortable, and read on for more.  

Technology on a Smaller Scale 

Naturally, like other political, social, economic, and environmental issues, both significant and small efforts contribute to the overall picture. With this in mind, it is worth noting that there are both big and small technologies that reduce the effects on the planet.  

Smaller technological developments in this sector include providing broader groups of people the opportunity to track their energy usage. While this does not seem like that big a deal, it is indeed something that can make an enormous difference over time.  

By being more mindful and aware of the amounts of energy that we are consuming on a day-to-day basis, we can make changes in our lives to reduce this number. Not only would this be something that is effective in positively contributing to the fight against climate change, but it is something we are confident our bank accounts will appreciate too! 

An estimated 16 million smart meters are owned across the country, allowing a vast range of people the opportunity to keep track of their usage. Furthermore, companies like re.alto are leading the way in enabling smart meter data access to the masses by linking and connecting your existing meter to the broader databases to access this data.  

Not only will this further enable people the opportunity to view their usage, but it can give more detailed information than previously. To find out a little more about how re.alto connect metering works and how you can implement it yourself, head to their website for more.  

Technology on a Larger Scale 

On the back of our previous section, we will also be considering the more significant technological developments that are also making a difference in the fight against climate change. Upon first thought, it can be somewhat challenging to imagine something significant that has been developed to help this particular issue, especially if you have not heard much about it. We get it; we have been there ourselves.  

However, with this in mind, there have been some drastic developments in technology over the years, which have been working well in combatting the effects of climate. With news that global carbon emissions fell by approximately 7% in 2020 – as a result of the subsequent lockdowns throughout the pandemic – questions may well be forming on what else could possibly be done to continue fuelling this downward trajectory at a similar rate.  

Numerous tech innovations have been developed over time to contribute to the environment positively and also to reduce the amount of carbon that is being created each year. These technological devices include such things as: 

  • CO2 Vacuums: This can appear as something that is straight out of a blockbuster film but is a revolutionary thing that exists and makes a massive difference to the rates of carbon that are being emitted into the atmosphere. It is in the name, really; the devices remove CO2 from the atmosphere and repurpose it by sending it back to carbonated drinks companies for their products or to farmers, who add it to certain fertilisers for crops. This particular technological device has genuinely revolutionised how we can combat the effects of climate change overall. 
  • Electric Vehicles: With governments across the world expressing that they will be transitioning entirely from fuel-powered cars to electric vehicles, this is another way that technology has advanced to positively impact on the environment. An increased ownership of these types of vehicles, along with more affordable options for the masses, this is sure to be something that grows in popularity over time. Not something that was all that common a few decades ago, this is undoubtedly a revolutionary development in the fight against climate change and is something that is becoming ever more accessible over time. Unlike the CO2 vacuums, the impacts of our individual carbon omissions would take some time to become apparent and is not likely to happen immediately. But, that being the case, this is definitely something that is playing a massive role in the fight against climate change. 


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