The Rise of Female Gamblers Online

Female Gamblers Online

The online gambling landscape has historically been male-dominated. However, in recent years we have seen a notable shift, with more and more women embracing online casinos, sports betting, poker sites, and other gaming platforms. Industry data shows that women now represent 30-47% of players on many major gambling sites, like Just Casino Australia, – a significant change from even 5-10 years ago.

So what is driving this trend? There are likely a few key factors at play:

Greater Access and Anonymity

The rise of mobile and online gambling has allowed women to participate in ways that land-based venues traditionally did not. The anonymity and accessibility of online platforms make them less intimidating for female players. Without having to walk into a male-oriented casino, women can explore sites in the privacy of their own homes.

Targeted Marketing and Outreach

The increasing purchasing power of women has led the gambling industry to recognize them as an important demographic. Many sites now actively court female players through targeted ads, special promotions and even all-women tournaments or betting pools. Platforms are specifically designed to appeal to women visually and functionally. This outreach has paid dividends.

Changing Social Perceptions

General views on gambling and gender have slowly shifted as well. While it was once seen as unusual or taboo for women to gamble, it is increasingly socially acceptable, which may contribute to more women feeling comfortable trying it out online. Of course, stigmas still exist in some areas, but overall there is greater openness.

Table: Percentage of Female Players on Select Online Gambling Sites

Site Year % Female Players
Bovada 2020 47%
BetMGM 2021 43%
DraftKings 2022 35%
FanDuel 2019 31%

What Games Are Women Playing?

Women who gamble online have diverse tastes just like men. However, there are a few game verticals that seem to attract more female players on average:

  • Slot Machines – The bright graphics, themes and sounds of slots entice many women. Favorite titles include popular franchises like Deal or No Deal.
  • Bingo – Online bingo rooms appeal to women drawn to the social, almost community-like aspect of playing and chatting together. 80% of bingo site visitors are female.
  • Social Casinos – Platforms like Doubledown or Zynga Poker blend gambling with social gameplay. The mechanics are familiar, it’s less profit-driven.

While women play a wide variety of aviator plane games online, slots do tend to be the most popular, followed by casual games that focus on entertainment over earnings. Of course, plenty take their gambling very seriously and play to win at poker, sports betting and more!

The Explosive Growth of Online Bingo

No category demonstrates the appeal of online gambling for women better than the explosive popularity of internet bingo.

Once considered a game for grannies, the advent of bingo sites like Costa Bingo, Foxy Bingo and Wink Bingo has attracted a predominantly female demographic. About 9 million UK women played online bingo as of 2018. These fast-paced, lively sites allow women to enjoy the classic game in new ways – aided undoubtedly by special chat features that let them connect with others.

The success of online bingo platforms offered exclusively to women shows the desire for that tailored environment and experience. Costa Bingo, for example, famously used the cheeky slogan “No Blokes Allowed” when marketing its women-only services and safe space features.

Key Takeaways

The tides are clearly shifting in favor of increased female participation in online gambling. While men still make up a majority on most platforms, the gap has closed rapidly. Moving forward, we can expect women to represent an almost equal percentage of players relative to their male counterparts.

Sites hoping to drive greater gender diversity can achieve this by ensuring they offer transparency and security to foster trust, maintaining plenty of female-facing options around games and design, as well as building community elements that allow women to connect.

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