The Rise of Crypto as A Widely Used Online Currency


The use of crypto has been on the increase worldwide. Not only as an investment currency, but as a usable online currency. There are over 5000 cryptocurrencies on the market now and, as such, there are also more ways to spend your crypto than ever before. Here are some of the best ways to spend your crypto online.


Sourcing entertainment and then using your cryptocurrency to access and pay for your fun is a terrific way to make use of the crypto. Many crypto traders and owners have been known to use them to play in the real money casino online. It’s a great anonymous way to spend some time at the tables or the slots. You will, however, need to check the specific platform you use or if the casino that you have selected accepts the crypto that you have.

Investment in Online Start-Ups

Using crypto to invest in small online startups has become a popular use of the cryptocurrencies you may have. Bitcoin has been the leader in this regard as it is so widely accepted, but most startups will consider most crypto for shares, and this can be a wonderful way to invest and use your crypto online. Digital token-based fundraising has grown in leaps and bounds and, as such, there will be start-ups out there that are actively looking for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors.

Private Transactions. Sending Cash Remittances

As mentioned, crypto provides for non-centralized and person-to-person transactions. This allows for remittances of money regularly to others outside the country, as well as for the most private and secure of personal financial transactions. It may have started as a ‘dark web’ sounding initiative, but the ability to make such remittances and transactions has become the norm. There is no need for an explanation to a bank as to why you need to send the money, and hence, no bureaucratic delays.


There are now several online travel agencies and even airlines that will take cryptocurrency to book you your next holiday. Again, Bitcoin has led the way in acceptance, and you can book flights, hire cars, and accommodation with your Bitcoin. The argument is that where one cryptocurrency goes, many may be able to follow. Do your research and perhaps the crypto that you have can be used to take a trip of a lifetime.

Many cryptos had been criticized for being difficult to spend, but led by Bitcoin, the cryptos that have gained prominence have all made themselves easy to spend online. The ideas above are those that have been used and know to be the best ways to spend your cryptocurrencies online. You can now get a crypto credit or debit card for most of the bigger and more popular cryptos, and these can then be used to make online spending of crypto a lot easier than it has ever been before. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you take a trip down this path.

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