The Right Tools for Remote Work

It is no secret that a rapidly increasing number of companies are offering remote job opportunities. But what you might not know is that companies, including very popular companies, are giving their employees options to make working from home a part of their typical work-week. In fact, 70 percent of people around the world have said that they work remotely once a week or more. 

Digital innovation is leading the charge when it comes to workplace changes. And, while in theory, remote work is a low-tech solution to problems that business have faced since the beginning of time, like limiting overhead, real estate, and employee satisfaction, employers should be careful when it comes to making choices about how their employees complete work “from home.” Choosing the right tools for remote work can be the difference between a productive and unproductive remote work system. Tools like a Video Chat SDK allow remote workers to connect and collaborate with each other.

When employees are connected with the powerful tools they need to plug in from their kitchen table, top-level executives to entry-level employees reported higher job satisfaction as well as increased productivity. Digital innovations in conjunction with digital simplification are upending the traditional office, real estate markets, and the way the world thinks about work. The tools we elect to initiate these changes will help build the future of our companies and the future of our work lives.


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