The recipe to the ideal website: How to keep your online customers happy

How to keep your online customers happy

Business owners or companies are always obsessed with keeping customers happy. As a result of globalization every industry has this at the back of their mind; how to keep their online customers happy, how to gauge their happiness, and also how to make them stay this way.

Nothing is surprising or wrong about it. Businesses have been complaining about the significance of gaining more customers vs keeping customers for as long as the business exists.

And several types of research confirmed that gaining a new customer is five times more important than keeping an existing one. Furthermore, every happy customer is a great source of having helpful reviews, comments, helpful feedback and even getting new referrals.

So, how do you make your online customers happy? You can start with the following guide we’ll provide to you in this article.

Create a customer-driven marketing strategy

There are two procedures to marketing strategies: they are product-driven and customer-driven. The common difference between the two strategies is that for the first one you have to create a product first and then start looking for its demand or customers. Usually, this can work on unique products that don’t have any real competitors yet. While a customer-driven marketing strategy usually starts with no product at hand. Rather, analysts try to get as much information about possible buyers or customers, more importantly on their needs and pain points. And the focus is totally on customers right from the start. If you need help or advice on how to build the right marketing strategy, you should contact a Digital Marketing Agency that offers the best services in this field.

Provide timely omnichannel customer service

There’s a saying that you can’t make everyone happy. And that’s simply the truth for almost every situation, but the customer service job is to make every single customer out there happy, satisfied and fulfilled in any means possible.

Generally, there will be issues of unfair or unresolved issues. But having customer support is your only way to communicate with your customers directly, so you ought to make it reliable and helpful. 73% of customers remarked that having friendly customer service agents are enough reasons to fall in love with a company and stay loyal.

So, what amounts to having high-quality customer service in 2021? Well, customers usually expect these two things more than anything else:

Omni-channel communication: Your online customers will want to use different channels to get in touch with businesses and receive even help everywhere.

Fast reaction: If Amazon can deliver a package to their customers on the same day, you sure can reply to an email promptly. In 2021, customers want nothing short of real-time communication with customer service and fast help.

Give away special offers

If you truly want to have happy customers, you should give them something extra. Something that’ll surely create extra value and allow them to save some cash. Occasionally, it is a good idea to run special offers for your existing customers — for example. Black Friday deals, Christmas gifts, birthday offers. Also, offers can vary from good old discounts to free deliveries and additional gifts. This strategy is very useful for attracting new customers, but can also increase existing customers’ loyalty and engagement with your company.

Using residential proxies for web testing

Web testing should be done by using residential proxies. The content of most websites takes into consideration a user’s location to adapt not only to the site’s content but also on Ads and 3rd-party data. Testing from your local desktop can evolve into a real-time challenge. Most companies use engineers, developers, and quality analysts to test the websites they build and maintain.

By ensuring that codes, Ads, sites, or web applications perform properly as planned is important to the achievement of the site and also customer satisfaction. Accurate testing starts by putting the right parameters and the right environment.


All in all, a happy customer is always and will be a loyal customer. And loyalty comes with an increase in sales, higher revenue, and even more referrals. According to Accenture, 57% of customers spend more on brands or companies to which they are loyal and committed, it is as easy as that. So, if you wish to be among those businesses appreciating customer loyalty, the formula is quite simple. Just try to be honest and understandable, pay attention and understand your customers, provide outstanding customer service support and just try as much as you can to be there for your customers when they need or want to ask for something.


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