The Procedure of Obtaining a Mullet Haircut

How to Obtain a Mullet Haircut?

A Mullet haircut is becoming well known due to its popularity with stars and prominent people. A mullet is basically a type of haircut that features short hair at the top and longer hair at the back. Getting a mullet is not as complicated as you may imagine.

If you have finally decided to get a mullet, there are several things you should learn about this famous haircut. If it is your first time, it might be challenging to do it independently, and you should consider getting a stylist to do it on your behalf. Learn more on the procedure of obtaining a mullet haircut here.


1. Grow Out Your Hair

This is the very first step on your journey to getting a mullet haircut. This is important because you cannot do a mullet on extremely short hair due to the need to feature some short hair at the top and long hair at the back.

The length of hair you want the hair is up to you and the amount of patience you have in growing out your hair. The hair is preferred to be long enough in order to come up with a well-defined mullet.

2. The Hair Sectioning

Once the hair is long enough for the mullet or has reached your desired length, you can go straight into the real action.

You must have the hair at the top of the head section in three parts. To hold each section in a position, you can use hair clips. 

Carefully come up with a section at the top of the head that runs from the front to somewhere at the center of the head, where the head begins to curve towards the back.

You need to also section the hair at the top near the hairline into sections from both the right and the left of the head crown and also the section of hair that flows towards the ears.


3. Cutting the Bangs

Beginning from the topmost part of your hairline, you need to get the hair cut into bangs of your desired length. Ensure the bangs are cut to form a straight line on your forehead and at the right angle. 

For the mullet haircut. You can style your bangs into any design of your choice to achieve your final desired look.

When cutting out the bangs is always important to work out with small sections of the hair at a time. Cutting all your hair at once is dangerous because it makes it hard to correct mistakes that may occur during the process. 

Cutting the hair in sections gives you the chance to correct the mistakes done in the previous section in the next section to achieve the perfect cut.

4. Cutting the Top

The top of the head is an important section when it comes to the mullet haircut. The top should feature shorter hair than the back for the haircut to be defined as a mullet.

Before cutting the hair at the top, you should first comb it directing it upwards from both sides.  Using the bangs as the guide, you can carefully proceed to cut the hair at the top center while holding it upwards.

You should be patient while doing the cutting and cut the hair in sections until you reach the desired length.


5. Blending the Top Cut With the Sides

The sides and the top should blend well in layers while the back remains longer. You should ensure that there are no sharp visible cuts where the hair at the top meets the one on the sides.

The cut should be tapered and smooth to blend in perfectly. If you notice that the final look is not what you were looking for, you can always go back and start working from the head top to reach the look you desire.

Ensure you do the cutting while combing through the hair to ensure you monitor the progress toward your desired results.

6. Styling the Mullet

Once you finish all the required haircutting, the end result is the mullet haircut. To create the perfect image of the mullet, it is better to let the hair flow on its own.

Mullet for Thinning Hair

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