The powers of Social Media and why they are essential for business

Social Media has since become such a powerful factor on the internet that it has no longer become optional for business and it’s an essential for moving the business in the right direction. For context, the worldwide population is roughly 7.8 billion, 4.54 billion are internet users and 3.725 billion are active social media users – that’s more than half of the world using social media every single week. Statistics that all business owners should look and think about before moving forwards without socials; today we look deeper into the benefits to social media for business.

Lockdown has been difficult for all, especially business, but social media presence hasn’t left, and marketing has seen a surge in numbers since the restrictions have been in place due to business and brands still wanting to get themselves out in the public eye. As a matter of fact, lots of online services has seen an increase in traffic during lockdown as it’s been one of the only services available but none other than the casino markets.

At, they have also seen this influx of numbers due to their highly raved about casinos, household favourite slots and card tables; alongside their huge deposit matches and now unmatched new customer sign up offers, they are taking the unrestricted casino world by storm.

Due to the large numbers that social media received each day, it’s a great way to increase brand awareness and reach out to new and highly targeted potential customers. Hootsuite, one of the business social media management account, have done a survey that confirmed that 60% of Instagram Users say that they discover new products via the platform and are likely to purchase through the social. Trends have changed and consumers aren’t just sticking with the accounts they already follow but are branching out and finding new items.

Social Media’s also help to stay relevant and in the mind of potential customers; in fact social media users are likely to log into their accounts at least once a day so with this information, it gives business the opportunity to connect with potential customers and keep them entertained and informed on anything up and coming from the business.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, it’s going to increase traffic and trends through the phone or on the business website. Social media’s offer a free way to express their selves on various platforms in what could provide lead generation. It’s such an important factor for businesses as without any new leads there will be no new business and social media can be the perfect solution to this.


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