The Power of Reviews for Start-ups

When you are starting up a new business, there are a lot of challenges that you are likely to face. Prominent among those challenges is very few people, perhaps just families and friends that you told directly, knowing about your business and what you do. Even yet, some of them might not be as loyal to patronize you as they already have brands they are loyal to for your niche or they are scared that your product would not have as much quality as those who have been around for some time. After all, many of us love to and would always advise others to look out for how long a company has been in existence. One of the easiest ways that you could easily convince people to patronize you is through reviews. This article will discuss the power of review for start-ups and where you can start.


How reviews can help you as a start-up

Fortunately, you do not need millions or thousands or even hundreds of reviews to make people patronize you after checking your reviews. In as much as you could be at a disadvantage compared to people who already have a lot of positive reviews, if a person should specifically check you out, 3 5-stars or very close to 5-star reviews would be enough to convince the person to patronize you. With time, you would continue to grow your review. It would be only a matter of time before you get your tenth, hundredth and even your one-thousandth review. At this point, all you should concentrate on is ensuring that all your customers are satisfied with your services.


How to get reviews for your website

The first step to getting reviews for your website is to get your company listed on top reviews website. For this purpose, you should have a functional website. You can use the contact us on the reviews platforms website to request your company to be listed on the platform. Some reviews platform allows you to be able to create your company profile on their review website, after which, they would verify and approve your profile. Once your profile is approved and you have been listed on the top online reviews website, you can now move to the next step.

The next thing to do is to encourage every customer that patronizes you after successfully satisfying them to drop a review for you. You could give them a list of the websites on which you are listed where they can drop a review for you. Some will oblige you and some might not. However, it is the best way to create reviews.

There is also the option of rigging reviews by encouraging family members and friends to drop positive reviews for your company or paying someone to drop the reviews. However, this is not often the best option as honesty remains the best policy and you should try to stay honest, no matter the temptation. Furthermore, most top online review websites know that people will attempt to rig reviews and have put measures in place to make sure that it would be difficult to rig reviews on their website. Your company might be flagged, deleted or the suspicious reviews hidden. This can sometimes affect some of your genuine reviews as well.

Jack van der Linden is a passionate online marketer who is dedicated to providing traffic to websites and search engine optimization. Over the years, he has helped start-ups to grow, selflessly helping them to reach their potential with the understanding of their importance to the society and paying less attention to the little they can pay. This has paid off as the start-ups he has marketed for were able to survive the early stages, courtesy of his expertise and are now compensating him adequately to continue to help them grow. However, he continues to aid start-ups in getting customers for their business.

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