The Norwegian Business Coach Helping Women Build 7 Figure Businesses

By Charlotte Laubo Berg

Alongside The Great Resignation, another revolution is taking place.

Self-employment has long been an employment choice available to many. In the wake of the pandemic and the recalibration of the world of work, we are seeing a critical mass choose to take their earning power into their own hands and step away from the life of full-time employment.

Women and those impacted by the femme experience of being a woman in both the corporate and real world are increasingly leaping into entrepreneurship.

New data released by LinkedIn in July 2022 shows how women are leading the entrepreneurial charge globally

In fact, from 2019 to 2020, according to the Financial Times, “the number of female founders grew by 43% compared to 32% for men…”.

In the face of an ever-changing and fast-moving business landscape, women entrepreneurs leaning toward creativity, intuition, and empathy have risen as leaders. 

These qualities aren’t just nice to have. They are essential for success in almost any business endeavor. Women who trust their instincts have the edge over competitors who may be more numbers-oriented or cutthroat. 

It’s a positive sign for society to see more women stepping into business ownership.

It’s an even better sign for these businesses to become cash flow positive and profitable. Profit in a business means sustainability and longevity. It also means greater economic stability for a nation, leading to an increase in GDP.

The challenges of running a business day to day

The reality of setting up a business is the time and financial resources to get started. 

Then the next set of challenges newly minted women entrepreneurs face is: 

  • Attracting clients
  • Creating messaging that resonates
  • Refining their client persona
  • Understanding how to price accurately and
  • Setting up systems to ensure prompt payment

There is no shortage of advice available online to entrepreneurs, whether beginners or seasoned business owners.

The explosion of the coaching industry and the mainstream adoption of working with a business coach has resulted in a lot of daily business advice shared across multiple social media platforms.

Much of this advice is free. And new entrepreneurs can access it at the click of a button. 

Why do so many women struggle to run sustainable, profitable businesses if this is the case?

Successful businesses are about relationships.

Entrepreneurship is a big topic, and much of the advice looks at business in a fragmented fashion. 

For new entrepreneurs, the business advice landscape can be overwhelming. Is there more to this than overwhelming?

The likelihood of the average woman business owner achieving six figures in her business during her lifetime is low. 

According to the 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report by American Express and SCORE’s Megaphone of Main Street: Women’s Entrepreneurship, Spring 2018 report:-

  • 88% of women-owned businesses generate LESS than $100k in turnover in the U.S – even though they generate $1.8 trillion revenue and own 4 out of every 10 businesses in the U.S. and contribute to only 4.3% of the total private sector revenue. 

My mission is to educate female entrepreneurs that a sustainable business begins and ends with a relationship. The most important relationship is the one they have with themselves.

Client attraction, client conversion, cash flow, revenue, and profitability start with a relationship.

The clients any entrepreneur wishes to attract are other human beings, complete with their view of the word, personal rules, and assumptions.

Not machines, robots, or pieces of software code. 

We hear a lot about creating an ideal client avatar or customer persona. This is a good starting point but almost always deals with clients in a shallow manner.

There is more to understanding an ideal client than knowing their age, gender, work status, income bracket, and how they spend their spare time.

Why intuition is the way to build a profitable business

When Intuitive Profiling™ is brought into the process of how we get to know, understand, and, most importantly, connect with our clients, we develop far richer knowledge about not just who our clients are but how and what they think and feel. How they perceive the world around them, and how this impacts their thoughts, emotions, and actions (or lack of them).

We gain insights into our clients’ aspirations, their fears, and what they’d like to achieve, and here’s the important part – the ways that will work best for them as an individual based on the data we attain.

Imagine the difference that would make to our communication with prospects and clients. 

We are no longer speaking to serve every lead in our pipeline. In the old school marketing book, speaking to an entire segment of people rather than one or two prospects makes for efficiency but is this the case? 

Generic messaging results in bland communications that attempt to speak to everyone but no one. Not to mention the fact it has a negative impact on conversation rate.

Exercising a relationship-based bespoke comms strategy such as Intuitive Profiling ensures our marketing speaks directly to those who are the best fit for us and we for them.

Through adopting the Intuitive profiling method, my clients have achieved the following results:

  •  Closed $12,000 sales in 24 hours
  • $100,000 in 25 days
  • Transformed from earning $1,000 per month to $3,770 in 9 days
  • From zero cash flow to $35,000 in 35 days

More client testimonials can be found here.

About the Author

Author's ImageCharlotte Laubo Berg, aka The Femme Rengade is the creator of the Intuitive Profiling™ is a certified coach and intuitive premium sales mentor and speaker who teaches established female entrepreneurs how to scale from six to multiple six figures and beyond using their intuition to accelerate the relationship, build trust and deliver exactly what their prospects and clients need to excel.


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