The Next Crypto to Explode in 2024: Solana Up by 1000%, OKB Token Reaches New Highs, BlockDAG Coin Mining Rigs Debut with Passive Income Potential


Cryptocurrency markets are showing signs of a big recovery in 2024, with Bitcoin and most altcoins seeing significant increases. Crypto enthusiasts anticipate that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs will catalyse the next crypto bull run.

Let’s concentrate on three important actors in light of the current bull market. The competitor of Ethereum, Solana, is making a strong move to steal ETH’s thunder, OKX’s OKB token has surged past its 2021 highs, and BlockDAG (BDAG), a presale cryptocurrency, has introduced a new range of ASIC mining equipment that generates passive income for miners, potentially making it the next crypto to explode in 2024.

BlockDAG Now

Solana Outperforms Ethereum

Solana has significantly outperformed Ethereum in 2023, and this trend is anticipated to continue in 2024. The price of SOL has been rising by over 1000%, yet the price of ETH has only increased by a relatively small 90%.

Julian Deschler, co-founder of Elusive, credits SOL’s success to its technological advantages—such as quick and affordable transactions that do away with expensive gas fees. Major initiatives like BONK that are releasing coins through airdrops on Solana have also drawn users and raised liquidity. Even though there was some initial doubt following the failure of FTX, Solana’s affordability has been a major factor in its longstanding success.

OKB Surpasses 2021 Highs

The OKB cryptocurrency has surpassed its highs from 2021, showing a long-term upward trend. Bulls aim to push the price over the resistance area of $59 to $38 on the weekly chart. If successful, the OKB/USDT pair might begin the next rising trend, aiming for $80 and $100.

OKX, an exchange with OKB as its native token, and Polygon Labs have also started the testnet for their Layer 2 zero-knowledge network, called ‘X1.’ The native token of X1 for remitting gas fees on the network will be OKB. With X1 playing a pivotal role in their Web3 endeavours, OKX intends to dedicate substantial engineering resources to Ethereum scaling solutions.

BlockDAG Now

BlockDAG Coin Releases New Line of Crypto Mining Rigs

BlockDAG has released its X-series mining rigs and has already raised $1 million in 24 hours. The machines are designed to be fast and energy efficient, and they reward users with BDAG coins. There are four machines to pick from.

The X30 has a hash rate of 280 GH/s and can generate up to 7,500 BDAG daily; the high-performance X100 can offer a whooping 25,000 BDAG a day; and the BDAG X1, a mobile app, can grant users up to 125 BDAG coins per day. The portable mining rig X10 is shaped like an internet modem and can grant users up to 1,250 BDAG daily.

In less than six months, BlockDAG hopes to get from its beta version to an open mainnet that is completely functional. The network highlights community benefits, energy efficiency, and user-friendliness while introducing a next-generation consensus method modelled after Bitcoin and Kaspa.

The Crypto Market Gears Up for Big Recovery

The cryptocurrency markets are preparing for a strong rebound in 2024, with some prominent participants making great progress. Solana has emerged as a formidable challenger to Ethereum, capitalizing on technological advantages and significant efforts such as BONK’s airdrops. OKB, OKX’s native token, has not only eclipsed its 2021 highs but is also slated to play an important part in the recently created Layer 2 zero-knowledge network, ‘X1.’

Along with the successful ongoing presale that raised $1 million in just 24 hours, BlockDAG revealed the X-series, a new range of cryptocurrency mining rigs that give users various ways to participate in mining and earn BDAG coins.

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