The Most Successful And Innovative Businesses In Europe

There is simply no denying that business is booming in Europe. This is certainly an up sight for the country as over the past century they have seen their economic might shrink. American, Chinese, and Indian firms hit the country from all sides and before Europe knew what hit them their market was shrinking. Many businesses in the country struggled to keep up. Some even fell so far behind that they ending up going out of businesses entirely or filing for Chapter 11. That being said it looks like things are back on the rise. The following European companies are proof of this. Just look at how they have grown over the years. If these companies continue to grow in this manner the sky could be the limit.


BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas in France’s largest banking house and over the last few years they have certainly seen their ups and downs. In 2017 alone the company generated right around $109 billion in revenue This might seem impressive and downright impossible to some companies, but this was actually a 2.2 percent decrease compared to their 2016 earnings. However, it should be noted that the company did experience a profit increase of 14.7 percent. So, it seems that even though the company isn’t making as much money they have found innovative ways to earn more profits. Along with this, it is only predicted that the profits will future increase.

These figures and attitude shows that the biggest banking house in France is willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the European business sector. Not only do they want to make it, but they want to thrive and this is why they are going to use Brexit as an opportunity to expand their shares into the UK market.



Based in Munich, Germany, Allianz is the world’s largest property and casualty insurer. In 2017 alone the company brought in right around $122.2 billion in revenue. These numbers might seem impressive to some smaller companies, but this was actually a 0.6 decrease compared to what the company made in 2016. Once again, just because they didn’t bring in as much revenue it doesn’t mean that their profits suffered. And, the profits certainly different suffer, as they have grown 3.7 percent. This marks a ten-year high for the company. The only problem ahead for the company is the improving health of the global economy. This is going to set the company back, but they expect to counter this by offering enhanced coverage for commercial property owners going forward. It is this innovation and out of the box thinking that has propelled the European businesses sector ahead in the toughest of economic times.




One would think that the oil and gas industry would always be booming. Oil and gas are just as important to Europe as Not only do people need oil and gas to heat their homes and fuel their cars, but they need online gambling sites to keep them entertained during their down times. If oil and gas are so popular why are Total’s revenue figures dropping? Total is France’s largest oil and gas provider and in 2017 they saw a 10.8 percent drop in profits. This might not have been one of the most severe revenue decreases experienced by European businesses, but it might be the most eye-opening. If oil and gas can’t survive in the European market then what kind of business can? The good news is that the company saw profit growth of 21.8 percent in 2018, so it does look like there is hope after all. However, this profit increase could have something to do with Total’s takeover of Lapa and Santos Basin.



If any European company is headed in the right direction it is AXA. The insurance conglomerate earned a revenue of $143.7 billion in 2017. This was without a doubt the largest revenue growth experienced by any European at the time. $143.7 billion in profit resulted in an 11.2 percent growth in profit from their previous year. This growth could have something to do with the company teaming up with Uber. This newly established deal with the transportation giant could catapult the company into even higher earnings.



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