The Most Populated Cities In The World

Populated Cities In The World

Modern cities can be evaluated and compared according to many criteria, among which the most significant is often the size and population. Our technologies help us to solve many problems. Most of the data centers can be found in huge cities so it is no wonder people are moving to larger cities to find a job and start a new life. If you get depressed and lack some entertainment being locked in the huge city, try to use the PlayAmo Casino Bonus and win the jackpot. We have prepared a list of the most populated cities!

Tokyo, Japan

Many have heard about the high population density of Tokyo. Today the population of the Tokyo agglomeration is estimated at about 37.7 million people. The actual population density is 4.6 thousand people per km2. In terms of area, Tokyo ranks third in the world. The population of the current capital of Japan exceeded one million in the 19th century when the city began to grow rapidly. The relative lack of territory has led to the growth of the city at the expense of skyscrapers, prudent use of free space, and even an increase in the area of ​​the city due to artificial islands.

Jakarta, Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia is slightly inferior to Tokyo in terms of population, which is about 33.8 million people. But it is significantly ahead in terms of density. Almost 9.5 thousand people per km2 are living there. Probably, in the foreseeable future, the population of Jakarta may decrease – built on swampy soils, the city, according to the conclusions of scientists, is gradually sinking into the water and may become uninhabitable in the coming decades. The country’s authorities have found a radical solution to the problem: in 2019, plans were announced to build a new capital of Indonesia in the province of East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. The future metropolis was named Nusantara.

Delhi, India

The largest city in India cannot be recommended to those who prefer deserted streets and value personal space – the city’s population is estimated at 32.2 million people with a density of over 13.7 thousand people per km2. High population density and other problems make Delhi not the most pleasant city to live in. In particular, this is one of the most polluted cities in the world – smog hangs over it regularly. A significant contribution to these emissions is made by road transport. Delhi is also among the world leaders in traffic jams.

Guangzhou, China

China is still the most populous country in the world. Although India may soon take away this title from China. At the same time, the largest agglomeration of the country in terms of the population occupies only the fourth place in the world ranking. The population of Guangzhou is approximately 26.9 million people with a density of 5.9 thousand people per km2.

The well-being of Guangzhou is largely ensured by the cargo port. In order to improve the environmental situation in the city, the authorities decided to gradually close and move polluting enterprises. By the way, one of the city’s skyscrapers is in the top 10 tallest buildings in the world.

Mumbai, India

The second Indian agglomeration on our list. The population of Mumbai and its environs in 2022 is estimated at 25 million people, but in terms of population density is over 25.6 thousand people per km2. This city is almost twice as large as Delhi. Mumbai is home to the famous Bollywood – the center of Indian cinema, but the city often attracts tourists with its “wrong side”. The fact is that the local slums, located in the Dharavi district, are considered the largest in the world. Excursions on them bring a good income, and part of these funds goes to provide education for the inhabitants of Dharavi.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai closes our list. This agglomeration of China is home to 24 million people with a population density of 5.6 thousand people per km2. For comparison, Australia, with a population of about 26 million people. Its density is less than four people per km2.

Shanghai occupies an important place in the list of world financial centers. Like Guangzhou, this city has a large port that provides an enormous flow of cargo. The city is also known for its developed transport system. For example, the total length of the Shanghai metro lines is 802 km, and its scheme, out of habit, introduces tourists into a stupor.


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