The Most Popular Betting Markets in Sports

Betting Markets in Sports

Sports betting has exploded in popularity in recent years as more states have legalized and regulated wagering. With so many new bettors entering the fray, sportsbooks have responded with a slew of betting markets across every major sport. But which wager types see the most action? Here’s an overview of the most popular Locowin betting markets in sports:


Betting against the spread (ATS) is arguably the most popular market in sports wagering. The spread aims to level the playing field between two teams, assigning a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage to the favorite and underdog respectively. Bettors then wager on whether the favored squad will win by more than the set spread or if the underdog will lose by less than the margin or win outright. Football and basketball draws lots of spread bets.

Totals (Over/Under)

Also called over/unders, totals center around the cumulative number of points scored in a game by both teams. Sportsbooks predict the combined point total then bettors wager on whether the actual points will fall over or under the set line. Football and basketball produce high team scores, making their totals very enticing. The average totals for NFL and NBA games tend to fall between 45 and 48 points.


A moneyline represents odds for a team to win a game outright without any point spreads. A favorite will have negative odds (like -200) indicating the amount needed to wager to net $100 profit. Positive underdog odds (like +150) denote the potential profit on a $100 bet. Moneyline bets have great appeal due to their simplicity and often favor risky underdog plays. All major sports see abundant moneyline action.

Prop Bets

Propositions wagers, or prop bets, focus on occurrences within games outside its final outcome. These micro-events can cover individual player performances (like a QB’s passing yards) or specific team results (like baseball runs scored per inning). Major events like the Super Bowl have an immense menu of prop bets. The novelty and creativity of prop bets make them a fan favorite.

Here’s a comparison table highlighting key details across the most popular sports betting markets:

Bet Type What It Means Popular Sports Example Odds
Point Spreads Betting on margin of victory with handicap odds Football, Basketball Cowboys -6.5 (-110)
Totals Betting over/under on total points scored Football, Basketball Over 48.5 points (-105)
Moneylines Betting on team to win outright All major sports Broncos +250
Prop Bets Betting on specific events within games All major sports Mahomes over 2.5 TD passes (+125)

Understanding the Nuances of Spread Betting

Betting against the spread requires comprehension of some key concepts. The “spread line” refers to the margin oddsmakers set to make contests ideally competitive in the public eye. A favored team must win by over the spread amount to “cover” the bet, while underdogs cover by losing within the margin or winning outright.

If Dallas has a -6.5 point spread as favorites over New York, they must win by 7+ points to cash spread bets. A 6-point win would result in a push. And the Giants cover by losing by 6 or less or winning the aviator casino bonus. A spread line aims to generate equal spread action on both teams.

The Current King: Moneyline Wagers Reign Supreme

While spread bets draw lots of action in basketball and football, moneyline wagers currently rule the roost in terms of popularity across North American sportsbooks. Their simplicity appeals to novice bettors, with wins paying out directly at set odds. Heavy favorites see reduced payout rates while dominant underdogs can produce massive profits.

Many factors explain the current moneyline dominance:

  • Legalization creating new hordes of bettors who favor simplicity
  • Underdog predictions perceived as “easy money” wins
  • Experienced gamblers chasing bigger payouts

Strong upstart teams also generate lots of moneyline interest when they appear poised for upsets against powerhouse squads. Betting interest compounds when such teams make unlikely deep playoff runs. Longshot victories represent the eternal allure of moneyline wagering.

Prop Bets Take On Increased Appeal

Proposition bets allow more marginal sports like golf, tennis and football to take on betting appeal. These wagers focus on player feats rather than game outcomes. Prop lines can cover strikingly specific player milestones like:

  • A baseball player hitting a home run of a certain distance
  • A basketball player reaching double digit assists
  • A football quarterback passing over set yardage

Props see peak interest during events like March Madness and the Super Bowl. Some recent popular prop bet examples include:

  • Super Bowl National Anthem length
  • Election result proposition lines
  • A goalie recording a set number of saves

The novelty of these bets certainly fuels their popularity both among casual fans and serious handicappers. And innovations in analytics provide bettors confidence in assessing more obscure performances.

Key Takeaways: Spread and Moneyline Bets Fuel Industry

While betting markets continue to expand, spread and moneyline wagers remain the lifeblood of sportsbooks. Spreads draw consistent interest throughout football and basketball seasons. Moneylines should continue major popularity as more states move to legalize sports betting.

But increased analytics and data also promise a bright future for more obscure player prop bets. As sportsbooks fight for market share, expect them to offer intriguing new propositions to drive engagement.

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