The Marketing Strategy Behind the Luxury Brands

On paper, it could be argued that high-end luxury brands should be struggling in the digital age. Competition from other brands is intense, but through offering the best products to their target audience, the luxury retail sector remains strong.

With this in mind, how do the luxury brands survive both on and offline? Let’s take a closer look at luxury marketing strategies.

Luxury Brands Know Their Customer

Luxury brands know their customer inside out. They know everything from the styles that appeal to the ads that catch the eye. Most of all, they sell an idea. Often, this takes the form of conveying sophistication, elegance and success.

Deep in your subconscious, when you see luxury fashion, you see something you can relate to and desire the product or experience. So if you see a brand like Harber, you instantly feel you are buying something beyond the mainstream. Same with Gucci or Cartier. Same with Gucci or Cartier. Behind a big luxury brand is a digital marketing agency that controls the narrative and the story behind the products so that the brands can focus on the creative part while marketing is taken care of.

Luxury is as much a concept it as it is a physical product.  

Luxury is an Experience

Luxury is an experience and one that is both appreciated and savoured. This is part of a luxury package from the buying to the unboxing to the feel and the look. The product makes you feel good inside and brings fulfilment whenever you see it and use it.

You may find you often speak of the product fondly, sometimes glowing at how great you think it is.

Luxury is the best of the best, and people work hard to perfect it, which is why you love it so much.

The better brands realise this, which is why standards are high.

Social Media

Most brands use social media, but luxury brands really know how to use it to full effect. They do not chase customers vying for exposure at every opportunity. Instead, they are in the right places where they are discovered. Pinterest is the main social media site for luxury brands. Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is not a social media site but a visual search engine.

Thanks to the platform’s nature that displays products in all their glory, luxury brands leverage it to full effect, showing their product’s natural clean lines and or natural beauty.

Although luxury brands have a presence on other social media sites, the importance of hiring professional, experienced and creative agencies like Rankjacker always pay off in the long run, for the amount of value such agencies bring in building a brand’s online presence, recognition and conversions. Pinterest is the one that matters.

Web Presence

The same high standards they apply to their product range apply to their web designs. Here, you’ll find beautiful images, easy navigation and check out, and a prompt customer service. This degree of fine detail that often goes unnoticed oozes professionalism, elegance, and luxury.


High-end brands are very good and creating stories. Whether it be about their own rise to fame and fortune, or creating a story with about their products, the stories capture our imagination. 

Good luxury brands excel at making a product weave a tale in your mind, and they leverage this to full effect.


Brands that cater to a luxury market are exclusive. Yes, they may sell shoes, perfumes, watches, etc., but their design is authentic and unique. This sells the brand and establishes its reputation as being a cut above.

To be luxury, you have to have the products, and you have to know how to sell it.


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