The Key Levers for Sales Transformation Success

By Warren Shiver and Michael Perla

For a sales organisation to reach its “ideal transformational advantage” it needs to pull the right levers in the sales force and across the entire organisation to drive meaningful and significant improvement. In this article, Warren Shiver and Michael Perla discuss the six levers they identified that not only help to amplify and sustain change within a sales organisation, but that can be applied to almost any organisational change.


“Which levers do I pull to improve sales performance?” We hear that question a lot from sales executives. Just as a CEO is interested in revenue growth, operating margin, incremental investment, and other factors that impact the company’s stock price, sales executives want to ensure they are leveraging the right things to improve sales performance.

As part of our recent book, 7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation, we outline six key levers that can help to support, undergird and drive a sales transformation. These levers should be assessed before starting a sales transformation and throughout the initiative to ensure alignment and focus.

Before we describe the six levers of sales force transformation, let’s take a brief look at what, exactly, a lever is.


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