The Interconnection of E-Sports and Casino Games


Online casino games have proven to be the next big thing in the online market. More and more users are joining gambling platforms in search of a new casino game to play and put their luck and skills to the test.

The online casino industry didn’t fail to notice another rising star on the market. Of course, we are talking about E-Sports. Ever since the pandemic broke out, betting fans have started noticing E-sport more than ever before, since it was the only competitive activity that wasn’t canceled due to social distancing measures.

Not only has the fan base of E-Sports started to expand but also many people started showing interest in becoming professional gamers. And online casino operators began showing great interest in this unique phenomenon.

It may appear that online gambling venues and E-Sports aren’t connected in any way, but the truth is very different. With the first special casino E-Sports arena in Las Vegas opened and many operators sponsoring different E-Sports events and teams, their connection is now more obvious than ever before.

Moreover, there is another connection that has recently come to the attention of all gaming fans who like to visit their favorite gambling website to play casino games. And that is the fact that some casino games have become inspired by E-sports. In this article, we’ll dive some deeper into this topic.

Why Are Online Casinos Making Games Inspired By E-Sports?

Not so long ago E-Sports has been only at the enter of attention of the younger generation. As it happens, those “young” people are now grown-ups and both players and fans of E-Sports are now taken more seriously than ever before. Mostly because they have proven to be a part of the new source of entertainment that represents the future.

The usual casino goers are used to visiting and other similar websites where they can profit from incredible bonuses while enjoying their favorite casino games. However, the online gambling industry has seen the potential of including E-Sports in their standard offer, as it would attract more new players that are fascinated by these virtual competitions.

More new players mean more revenue, and the casino industry has gone so far as to invest in making the best casino E-Sports arenas in the world. For example, MGM’s Luxor casino in Las Vegas has one of the biggest casino E-Sports arenas in the world. With over 30,000 square feet, the HyperX E-Sports Arena already hosts some of the most important events like the LoL All-Star and Capcom Cup.

What Are The Games Inspired By E-Sports?

There are now various slot games inspired by E-Sport. Thanks to the efforts made by the casino industry, ESports fans from all over the world can now enjoy casino games that have everything they love.

Call of Duty Slot

There isn’t a single gamer in the world that hasn’t heard of or played Call of Duty. By far, one of the most historic games of our time has finally been turned into a slot game so that casino fans can have a chance at an amazing Jackpot while enjoying their beloved theme. By using up and down arrows, the player selects the number of paylines as well as the stake. The game has been a major success, especially the featur3 of the wild soldier symbol that keeps the player alert at all times.

Mario Slot

Another epic title known to game fans all over the world ended up in the form of the slot game. And for a good reason – Super Mario has been ranked as the highest-grossing title in the history of games. The slot version that includes the famous plumber of Italian origin was developed by NanoGameSoft and it features five reels and 10 paylines.


From building amazing arenas and sponsoring different events and teams to develop themed online casino games, it’s evident that the casino industry will continue working on its relationship with E-Sports. And who knows what other surprises and novelties might happen due to this beautiful friendship.


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