The Importance of the World’s Business Provocateurs

By Maria Pinelli

As we emerge from the most severe recession in decades, the need for provocateurs in business is more pronounced than ever. Below, Maria Pinelli argues that entrepreneurs are the future. Not only do they foster economic growth and opportunity, but they build societies – and their impact is felt everywhere.

Being a provocateur can have negative connotations – and sometimes negative consequences. But being provocative in business is what entrepreneurs do – they challenge the norm, ask uncomfortable questions of established industries and provoke strong reactions from the competition. And it’s this approach that propels progress and initiates growth. That’s why in today’s market and across the globe we need these “businesses provocateurs.”

How do you build a better working world? At EY, we’re directing both our energy and dollars to supporting entrepreneurs, innovators and other business provocateurs.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes and stages of growth. But they do have one important trait in common: these creative, hard-working and often unconventional people are one of the greatest sources of job creation and sustainable economic growth in the world.

So it’s vital, and in my opinion, imperative that business leaders, academic institutions and governments around the world prioritise programs that encourage and reward entrepreneurs.

EY passionately believes that entrepreneurs play a crucial role in helping to sustain economies and build a better working world by:

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