The Importance of Engagement in Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies

The online behaviour of brands today is strongly influenced by social media and their peculiar functioning, the structure of the individual platforms, and above all the different languages that are employed within each of these new social arenas for communication. 

Even before new ideas for marketing campaigns are formed in the minds of marketers, they inevitably think about social media and what a particular post might look like on Instagram or TikTok, on Tumblr or Pinterest, depending on the platform selected to spread their promotional messages. 

Even before thinking about the actual content of the message to be spread, some companies even prefer to devise appropriate content for this or that platform, attributing to it those technical and structural characteristics that would make it perfect for the social network for which it is intended. 

In a certain sense, the very fact that a piece of content can fit perfectly into a social strategy, within a given social network, is now almost more important than the content itself, than the message that this publication will have the task of conveying on the network, thus often giving rise to structurally perfect content – that is, capable of adapting to the characteristics of a certain social media – but totally lacking in substance, in expressive effectiveness. 

The right priorities 

In the implementation of their social media marketing strategy, companies should therefore first and foremost avoid putting the structure of the content before the content itself, and always try to devote the utmost attention to the development of a strong idea to be subsequently conveyed via social media. 

If the idea behind the content is weak, or ineffective, your social media profiles will struggle enormously to reach certain levels of performance, and your followers – but this is of course not the only metric to take into account – will probably not increase much. 

This is precisely the main function of social media, i.e. to amplify and spread as much as possible existing content, strong ideas that can take on different forms and aspects, within different platforms, and that can stimulate the curiosity and interest of the public. Many brands, however, try to act in quite the opposite way, publishing avalanches of posts without any underlying idea, without any effectiveness, only to be surprised by the fact that their communication campaign did not have the desired effects. 

Another serious mistake that should be avoided at all costs, on the part of companies, is completely ignoring the care of engagement with their audience. Many companies simply publish their posts and wait for users’ reactions, as if the only function of social networks was to host as much content as possible and spread it as widely as possible within them. 

But one of the crucial steps for increasing one’s reputation, but also for strengthening one’s social presence in general, is precisely to stimulate engagement, that is, to take all those concrete actions that are different from the mere publication of content. 

Answering questions, expressing appreciation, participating in discussions and responding to users’ comments – without forgetting to follow the most interesting profiles – are fundamental steps in the growth of a brand on social media, and can in no way be ignored. 

The right assignments 

The role of collaborators within each office is extremely important. Some will have to take care of the publication, design and supervision of the content, while others will have to manage the volume of reactions and comments that are automatically generated after the publication of each post, responding to users and resolving any doubts they may have. This is a very delicate task, which directly affects the reputation of the brand, and should therefore never be neglected. 

Those who have certainly understood perfectly how to distribute all the tasks within their offices are one of the brands specialising in online gambling, which for some years now have managed to create online portals capable of satisfying the needs of any player, offering them a wide range of games and online experiences to choose from. 

In addition to this huge variety of entertainment, these portals also rely on the services of entire teams of professionals, who carefully evaluate each and every game offered on the portal – paying close attention to its online reputation and speed of payment – and produce very useful guides for players, especially the less experienced ones, thus helping them in their familiarisation with the world of online entertainment. 

Even when it comes to social media, one should always take the time to create a great idea, and then entrust it to the right team of experts to convey it online.


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