The Importance of Effective Communication

Communication is one of the essential social skills required for any individual to survive in the world. Effectively communicating ensures that you not only convey your message to someone but also let them know about your feelings and emotions. Whether it is amongst family members, friends, or office colleagues, effective communication helps individuals get through the tasks of life with ease. 


Where Does it All Start?

The big question is, where does one start to learn effective communication? And the answer to that question is simple; at home. For some, the idea might be difficult to grasp how one can learn communication skills at home, but like many other foundational steps, effective communication is part of a child’s early development stages. Parents need to encourage their children to express themselves and teach them the basics of conveying a message or feeling effective. 


Most Important Time in The Life of an Individual:

Although the basics of effective communication are learned by a child from the beginning of their toddler years, the most crucial time for a child to develop and enhance their communication skills are their teenage years. The habits, disciplines, customs, and values learned by an individual when they are teenagers make up the foundation structure of how they are going to live their life throughout their years. Having effective communication skills during this time period not only helps an individual develop the right kind of moral values and habits but also ensures that the correct communication skills are also instilled in them. 


What Are The Main Skills Required For Effective Communication? 


It is crucial to understand that any effective form of communication is not just getting your thoughts through and voicing your opinions. The first step to gaining effective communication skills is to be good listeners. Teaching your child the importance of giving others a chance to speak as well as listening carefully to what that individual has to say is crucial. Encouraging your child to ask questions is also a good idea for effective communication. However, they need to be taught to do so without interrupting anyone else.  

Body Language

Another crucial element of any form of communication is the body language of the speaker and listener. Many teenagers struggle with this as their body language often shows they are not confident and comfortable with their surroundings. While we associate communication with exchanging words, there is much more to it than just that. Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. It is important to understand that rather than involving just your brain and face into the conversation, your whole body needs to be involved. When an individual is speaking, it is crucial to sit attentively and let them know you are not only listening to but also hearing and understanding what they are talking about. Another element that plays a crucial role in communication is eye contact. It is important to maintain eye contact with the individual whom you are communicating with in order to let them know you are listening to them and are interested in what they have to say. 

Effective Speech and Expression

Once your child has learned to listen and pay attention, they will then be able to learn the effective way of speech and gain the appropriate skills they require in order to express themselves. Only once an individual has mastered the skills of expressing themselves, can they communicate effectively. It is crucial to teach your child the etiquette they need to follow while conversing with another individual. 

Some crucial elements of speech also need to be explained and taught to the child. For example, they need to be taught the importance of the tone of their voice and how it impacts what they are saying. It is also essential to let them know the importance of being clear and to the point when they are speaking, so the listener understands what they are saying. 


Another crucial element of good communication skills, confidence is key to getting heard by a large group of people and convincing them to agree with what you are saying. A teenager needs to understand the main elements of public speaking and must be encouraged to do so from an early age, so they develop confidence and can get their point across effectively. 

Understanding The Difference

It is also crucial to understand the difference between the various forms of communication and how to deal with each situation. It is important that an individual learns the different tactics and skills required during conversing with friends, family, or with a larger crowd. Communication between family members will be slightly different from the communication between colleagues, and that will, in turn, be different from the way you communicate with your boss. 

The Art of Balance

Balancing different phases of life is also a crucial skill for teenagers to learn. This not only helps them with communication skills but also with other skills that are essential for living a successful life. Teaching them to balance between family and social life, teaching them the importance of managing the balance of studies, sports, and other fun activities help them become strong individuals and help them enjoy all the phases of life in a well-balanced manner. 


In Conclusion

Effective communication skills not only help an individual enjoy their life in a balanced manner but also develop good work ethics which allows them to develop a successful career. An individual who has learned tricks as simple as leaning forward in a chair to show the speaker they are interested in listening to what the speaker has to say will go long ways and develop a very impressive personality.

While learning effective communication helps an individual develop a strong personality and a healthy career, it also helps them in developing strong relationships with their parents, partners, and siblings. These bonds and relationships are essential for an individual to live a happy life in the form of having people around you who will look after you when need be and reassure you when you are feeling unsure.


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