The Impact Of Ecommerce And Teledentistry On Teeth Straightening 

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The teeth straightening industry has seen a rise in alternatives to traditional orthodontistry in recent years and this has been facilitated by ecommerce and teledentistry. Teledentistry is the practice of remote dentistry through means of audio and visual communication to provide services such as patient consultation, dental diagnosis and consultations. This industry is benefited by the rise in ecommerce as this is a natural platform for the distribution of a largely digital service. According to the US Census Bureau, e-commerce has risen from 5% of all retail sales in the first quarter of 2012 to 13% by the fourth quarter of 2021. This means that ecommerce sales as a percentage of all retail sales has grown 2.6 times in the space of nine years. This demonstrates excellent growth for the sector as well as its increasing popularity as a result of the global pandemic. 

Ecommerce and Teledentistry 

The rise in the ecommerce industry was preceded by the covid pandemic as the sector has been increasing its share of the retail market steadily over the last several years. However, the pandemic has certainly benefited the ecommerce industry with many customers preferring the convenience which it offers even after in store shopping returns to a relative normal. The ability to shop from home provides a sense of ease and utility which in person shopping is unable to match. 

These benefits of ecommerce extend to the teeth straightening business too as it improves the convenience and ease of use of these services. One of the roadblocks to teeth straightening for many people is the frequency with which they are required to visit the dentist or orthodontist. This is greatly reduced by teledentistry which is facilitated by ecommerce. Teledentistry requires far fewer in person excursions even over the potential year or more which teeth straightening products will take to be maximally effective. This also benefits those who live in remote areas or have disabilities which make it difficult to have in person visits. 

The convenience factor of teledentistry was exaggerated by the coronavirus pandemic which strongly encouraged social distancing. This factor increased the usage of all telehealth practitioners and teledentistry was no exception. The increased usage of teledentistry will extend beyond the pandemic as more people are realizing its exceptional benefits. The convenience of consulting a dentist or orthodontist from home is unmatched and this is irrespective of restrictions which are imposed to curtail the spread of the pandemic. 

Teledentistry also has benefits for dentists and orthodontists as it allows them to see more patients in the same amount of time as with in person visits. It also allows them to reduce their overheads as they need fewer resources to maintain their practice. Teledentistry has a consistent level of care and quality with in person dentistry. With patients claiming that they received care which was as successful and as useful as in person care. 

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Byte is a service which provides teeth straightening without the need for you to leave your home. It provides all of the functionality of other clear aligner services such as Invisalign with the added benefit of being an entirely remote product. This means that it comes in cheaper than the competition without any loss of quality of service. Byte also provides each customer a dedicated expert to monitor their care and the progress of their treatment. This product demonstrates the embrace of advancement in the dentistry and orthodontics space and the willingness to incorporate ecommerce and teledentistry into the industry. Furthermore, it reveals the extent to which there is innovation for the benefit of the consumer occurring in orthodontics and dentistry. 

Final Thoughts 

Teledentistry and ecommerce are having a powerful impact on the teeth straightening industry with many services utilizing both of these to increase convenience and the quality of patient care. This shift was preceded by the pandemic but the pandemic has brought about a significant re-evaluation of the necessity of in person teeth straightening services. An example of the convenience which the combination of ecommerce and teledentistry can provide is Byte, a company which provides a completely remote teeth straightening service. The impact of ecommerce and teledentistry on teeth straightening has been positive for both clients and dental practitioners as each is benefitted by these services. 


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