The Finlock Gutter Lining Process


Firstly, concrete gutters were used as a substitute for iron gutters in the 1950s – 1970s. They were made because of steel shortages in the UK. During this time, concrete gutters were an economical advantage because they were a low-cost material and suitable for many homes.

However, numerous homes in the UK still have concrete gutters. Not maintaining the concrete gutters can be harmful and cause problems for the homeowner and the damages they cause can rack up an expensive bill.

What is Finlock gutter lining?

The finlock gutter lining process is a repair job for your current concrete gutters. The concrete gutters are then lined with a quick-drying, fibreglass that will seal your gutters and prevent damage from reoccurring. The lining will ensure your concrete gutters are working efficiently and waterproof.

Finlock lining when done correctly can last 6 – 10 years and is a much cheaper option than a full replacement. This can also extend the lifespan of the homeowner’s gutter, making sure they won’t face the problem again. 

The Finlock Gutter Lining Process…

  • First, when the specialist come to assess your concrete gutter, they’ll check to see how much work will be needed. This is how they will establish a price.
  • Then remove any debris, leaves and dirt from the concrete gutter that may be causing blockages or leakages. When dirt, leaves, etc pile up inside the gutters, they can cause them to break.
  • Remove the old lining job if there was one as, poor lining can lead harm the concrete gutter also.
  • Once the old lining is removed, install the newer Fibreglass gutter lining.
  • Install the EPS system, this makes sure no water can get through.
  • Also, making sure the roof tiles are installed carefully, ensuring there will be no cracks for water to seam through.
  • Lastly, once this has been completed the Installation process is done.

How much would concrete gutter lining be?

Some companies will offer a price once they have completed their assessment on the work needed to be done. This is called a free quote. A free quote is when the company you are working with will visit your home to see how much will be needed then come up with a reasonable price.

The Problem if you do not repair your Concrete gutters

For Concrete gutters when water is involved, it is harmful for gutters and is a reason why they tend to fail. When concrete gutters break, they lose their waterproof abilities. This is known as Porous. Leaving your concrete gutters unrepaired can be pricey for the homeowner. When Concrete gutters leak, this can lead to many problems like dampness, moulding, lining failure etc.

For Homeowners, dampness and mould is unsafe to inhale and can cause many health problems.

  • Can cause allergic reactions.
  • Is a toxic substance
  • Causes red eyes and skin rashes.
  • The mould can cause asthma attacks
  • Runny nose

Dampness and mould can be extremely dangerous towards the elderly and the vulnerable who are more prone to health problems.

As mentioned earlier, concrete gutters lose their waterproof abilities. This results in the Water sitting dormant in the gutters causing leakages, lining failure, sagging etc.

Lining Failure is when the water slips through the cracks of the concrete gutters and in many cases the point of entry is impossible to find, resulting in a new lining or full replacement. For the homeowner, this is problematic and needs to be addressed straight away. Left untreated can lead to leakages on the wallpaper, costly repairs and dampness and mould to accumulate.

Cold/ Thermal Bridging – This happens because the concrete gutter which is the colder material meets the warmer material (house walls) and causes it to cool down.

During winter this can be problematic as it will mess up the insulation of the home and cause the radiators not to work efficiently.

Problems the homeowners will face if their concrete gutter isn’t lined

  • Clogged drains because of dirt etc will lead to broken gutters and can damage the roofing over time.
  • Harsh UK weather can break the concrete gutters.
  • Clogged gutter can trigger water to leak into your home.
  • Thermal bridging can cause problems when insulating your home which can be expensive
  • Broken gutters will attract water to your home will result in cracked walls.



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