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Why Choose The Best Online Exam Help at All?

I bet you were sure online classes would be a cakewalk when the mess with the social distancing protocols first started. I certainly was. I was convinced passing classes would become a breeze, and I’d finally get my GPA above 2.5. And I’m not too proud to admit that I was wrong. Sometimes I feel like professors are exacting revenge on me for having to do all the extra work with online classes and tests. Instead of giving us some slack, they are making progressively ridiculous demands I, for one, will never be able to fulfill.

To be honest, the idea to pay someone to take my online exam came to me when I was drunk on caffeine and sleep deprivation. But I went through with it before my brain came back online, so I prepared to suffer the consequences. Instead, I got a B and finished the class without a hitch. It felt like a victory, and I was eager for a repeat performance.

That’s how my journey in search of the best online exam help started. After a couple of nights of uninterrupted sleep, I made a list of all the things to look for in an academic help company and went on a spending spree. I learned that website design has nothing to do with the expertise of academics and that fine print and customer reviews are enough to learn everything you need about a company. A year in, I can tell a reliable service from a scam within the first thirty seconds of opening the homepage. And today, I’ll let you in on my secrets and share seven reliable companies that won’t let you down.

1. – Value-driven Academic Helpers


Let’s start with a bulletproof option that has been my go-to for the last term. SpeedyPaper may not be the most recognized company on this list, but it’s been around for years. The prices are pretty affordable, and the pool of academic experts seems bottomless. A few of my friends used this site for obscure classes, and all got good results, just like me.

But my favorite thing about this online exam help service is their dedication to keeping hassle to a minimum. Placing an order takes no time at all, and after that, you’re home free to do what you please. Their team of academic helpers, editors, and support agents will take care of the rest. It’s a perfect solution when I’m all out of time and need someone to take my online exam asap. Sure, it might not work for those who need to control the process every step of the way, but it works for me.


  • There’s zero hassle from placing the order to getting a grade.
  • The prices are super affordable, considering the quality of the help you receive.
  • You can trust the support team to be online and ready to help any time of day or night.
  • Mine is not the only recommendation you will likely find online, so you know them to be true.


  • Choose another service from this list if you need direct control over your helper’s every move.

2. – High-quality Tailored School Help


By now, I’m too lazy to breathe down my helper’s neck and watch their every move. But it wasn’t always like that for me. I fretted over choosing the right expert, and I pestered them endlessly for updates. Overall, I’m surprised Essaymarket still takes my orders because I was a major pain to deal with when I first decided to hire someone to take my online exam

Unlike most online exam help services, this company gives you ultimate control over the order process. You get to check out their team and chat with experts before hiring one of them. All the while, the support team remains available if you run into any snags. Considering the affordable prices and a chance to release payment after the exam, EssayMarket is a perfectionist’s dream come true. As long as you don’t use all these features to procrastinate, you will be happy with the results you get. 


  • Get more control over every aspect of the process than you could dream of.
  • Enjoy lightning-fast response time and accommodating support agents.
  • Keep your money safe until after your exam is taken care of.
  • Find the perfect expert for your test – browse profiles, check out areas of expertise, and read reviews by fellow students.


  • It’s easy to get caught up in the selection process and waste time, so you’d better set a deadline for placing the order to stay on track.

3. – Masters of Tight Deadlines


If I had to describe PaperCoash in just one word, it would be “competent”. The company has a team full of experienced academics that cover the most common majors and can pass your exams, write your research papers or theses. It seems like nothing is outside their purview, and no deadline is impossible. If I pay someone to take my online exam, it’d better be someone like superheroes working with this service.

I can only find one downside of getting online exam help here. While the prices are very affordable for early orders with 10 to 14-day deadlines, short-notice exams will cost you a pretty penny. I would recommend setting up your exam help as early as possible. It will give you a chance to talk over the details with your expert and resolve any additional issues you have with the support team.


  • Only seasoned career academics here, so there’s no chance of getting a poor grade.
  • There’s no such thing as impossible deadlines for these guys; they can help even if your exam is hours away.
  • You don’t need to waste time picking your expert; the system automatically assigns the best-suited person to your case.
  • The support team is online 24/7, even if your helper is not, so you won’t ever be left alone to fight your battles.


  • Tight deadlines always translate into bigger expenses, so you’d better get ready for your exams early.

4. – No Better Prices


Now that we’ve covered my top-3 choices, let’s go over backup options. Suppose I want to pay someone to do my exam, but I can barely scrape together enough cash. That doesn’t mean I have to cram on my own or fail the class. There are services, like, that are tailored for students pressed for cash. Their prices are the lowest I’ve seen among companies that produce consistent exam results. Scammers can entice you with cheaper rates, but they won’t get you a passing grade.

This company is ideal if you need urgent online exam help and can settle for a B or C. That’s still better than retaking the class next term. On the downside, low rates make a hot destination around midterms and finals, so you’d better get your order in early. Otherwise, there may not be a free helper when you need them most.


  • It’s a perfect option for low-stakes tests when you don’t have the cash for experienced helpers.
  • There are plenty of happy students willing to share their experiences, so you know it’s not a scam.
  • Exceptional customer experience courtesy of the friendly support managers who are online round the clock.


  • The company gets overwhelmed with orders around finals week, so you need to be smart about setting up your exam in advance.

5. – Good Experts and Affordable Prices


This is one of the more recent additions to my online exam help service shortlist. The website is still fresh, which explains the nearly non-existent reputation. At the same time, the company is trying to entice new customers by keeping the prices as low as possible. So if you act fast, you can still enjoy solid results without paying a fortune for professional academic help.

At first, I wasn’t ready to take up on their offers. But once I talked to the support team and learned more about the experts, I decided to give them a chance and let them take my online exam. I passed the test and finished the class without a hitch, so this company joined the best of the best on my recommendation list. It’s yet another proof that getting out of the comfort zone can be good sometimes.


  • Student-friendly pricing will make you want to hire helpers for every exam and test.
  • Thanks to a support team that’s always a live chat away, you will never feel lost or anxious.
  • The academics team is full of experts in all subjects, so you’re sure to find the right person to take over for you.


  • The service doesn’t have much of an online reputation because it’s among the youngest companies on the market, so it may be hard to trust them with your grades.

6. – Focused on Your Comfort and Success


It was one of the first companies I turned to when looking for someone to take my exam for me online. Even if it’s no longer my go-to, I’m still fond of EssayPro. The company has gained quite a reputation over the years, and it’s well deserved if you ask me. They boast one of the best academic teams online, and that’s true for writers, editors, tutors, and support agents. 

When dealing with my first exams, I enjoyed the option to choose the expert among dozens of options. And the chance to chat with the helper before the exam was a balm for my frayed nerves. However, over time I found other platforms that suit me better and a couple of more affordable options. Still, EssayPro is a good place to start if you’re completely new to the idea of getting help with school troubles online.


  • The freedom to choose the person to take your test is nice, especially when seeing past customer reviews.
  • Chatting with your expert is a perfect solution for anxiety, especially if it’s your first time getting online exam help.
  • There are lots of reviews online across multiple platforms, so you know the company is as good as it says on the homepage.


  • The prices may seem a bit steep, and they grow ever higher with the shortening of your deadline.

7. – Delivering GPA-boosting Results


I opened this list with my favorite online exam help service, and I’ll finish with the most expensive one I’ve ever used. GradeMiners don’t pull their punches when it comes to pricing, but they deliver outstanding value for the money you pay. I suggest you place orders as far in advance as possible and save your most critical tests for their experts. By the way, the company employs over 3,000 academic helpers, so there’s no chance they won’t be able to help you. Even if your topic or class is extremely obscure, there’s bound to be a GradeMiners expert specializing in just the right field of study.

When I pay someone to take my online exam, I’m not always looking for an A, but these experts go above and beyond to push my GPA up. If you need urgent help with getting your academic record back on track, give this company a try and watch your grades soar before your eyes.


  • Writers here produce consistently impressive results, even if you need help with hard sciences, medical, or engineering classes.
  • The company has one of the biggest talent pools I’ve come across, so they won’t leave you hanging even if you come for help with hours to spare.
  • Everything good I tell you about Grademiners is supported by hundreds of positive reviews.


  • This is the most expensive option on my list, though it may be worth the extra expense if your GPA needs a significant boost or your academic career rides on the exam results.

Summing up

I’m not a huge fan of labels like “the best online exam help”. After all, what’s best for me may not be so good for you and vice versa. That’s why I highlight my top-3 choices (,, and add a few more options for you to consider. Hopefully, my experience and analysis of the best and the worst of each service will help you make the right decision and gain the help you desperately need.

Finally, I hope you now know the answer to the niggling question “Is online exam help legit?” and realize that there are reliable, reputable, and student-friendly companies that can take care of more than just your essays. I’ve been where you are now, and I remember how afraid and self-conscious I felt about needing help with exams. But if a scaredy-cat like me managed to get over myself and pass all those tests with professional help, so can you.

FAQs About Online Exam Help

 Will I Get Caught If I Hire Someone To Take My Online Exam?

No, you won’t get caught. But there are a couple of rules you need to follow. First, you need a reliable academic help company on your side. Trustworthy companies never disclose your personal information, so your professors will never prove anything. As a bonus, secure services rely on safe payment systems, so your credit card info is as safe as can be. Second, you need to be smart about getting help with exams. Talk to your helper or a support manager about how your online tests are set up to ensure you’re on the same page and know how to trick your professors without raising any red flags. If you fulfill these two conditions, you should be safe from discovery.

 Are Online Exam Help Services Worth It?

That depends on how much you value your time and peace of mind. Personally, I’m not ready to pay for a good grade with a week’s worth of sleepless nights. I become a nervous wreck long before the finals week, and I can’t get myself under control. No amount of bubble baths or bubble wine helps me get over anxiety. By the time exams start, I’m in no condition to complete the assignments fast or hope for a good grade. So I’m more than willing to spend some money to save myself this misery. I know someone even more of a wreck than I am when it comes to exams. But I also know people willing to pay for help with tests because they don’t have the time for revision courtesy of internships or part-time gigs. You have to decide for yourself if exam help is worth it for you.

Are Online Exam Help Services Legit?

The ones on this list are. I’ve personally tested every one and got consistently good results on my tests and exams. I’ve also recommended them to my friends, and we’re still on good terms, so I’m sure they are happy with the grades they got, too. Still, the academic assistance niche is full of scams, fraud, and one-day wonders. You need to be careful who you trust with sensitive information, like your name and school. If you’re not happy with any of the companies I suggest, do your own research. Pay attention to genuine reviews online, especially on Reddit, take your time reading the fine print of User Terms, and ask uncomfortable questions when talking to a support manager to gauge how likely you are to get scammed. Fake reviews, vague terms, and stock responses are all red flags.

What Are The Best Online Exam Help Services?

When it comes to online exam help for me, SpeedyPaper, EssayMarket, and PaperCoach are the best. All three offer impressive results without breaking the bank, and their support teams are top-notch. I haven’t failed a single class since I started using these companies. But I realize you probably don’t take the same classes with the same professors as I do, so I included other trustworthy services in my shortlist. And I’ve highlighted their strengths and weaknesses to help you find the right helper for your classes. Some companies can’t handle anything beyond Humanities, while others have a strong team of experts in hard sciences. Business and management majors are a dime a dozen across most academic help services. You will probably have to try a couple of companies before you find the one that gains the best results for your school and classes.

Can I Pay Someone To Take My Online Exam?

As long as that “someone” is competent and discreet, I don’t see why not. Though I haven’t had much luck hiring freelance tutors to take over my exams, academic help companies have indeed been much help. Remember that your grade depends on your choice of helper, as well as the requirements of your task. For example, if you know exactly what questions to expect, share them with your chosen expert, and you’ll gain more points as a result. You should also establish the way for your helper to take over the exam without drawing the TA’s attention. Finally, you can share your professor’s rubric or grading guide and specify the desired grade. Even if you don’t get an A, your expert will know what to aim for when taking the test.

Can I Trust Online Exam Help Services?

If you want to get online exam help now, you’ll have to trust at least one of them. I know it’s a leap of faith, especially if you’ve never worked with academic help companies before. Once you choose a reliable service, you need to get over the fear and mistrust. Try thinking of your online academic helper as a tutor or a member of your study group who will take over your exam instead of preparing you for it. Besides, in most cases, there’s nothing for you to lose. If you’re like me and can’t complete an online test to save your life, hiring an expert can only make your grades better. And if you don’t have the time for revision, a professional academic will likely get you a better result than what you can get under your own steam. If you’re still unsure, lower the stakes, try outsourcing answers to multiple-choice questions or problems first. When you know the company can handle your assignments, you can graduate to online exams.


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