The Cost, Materials, and Process of Window Replacement

Window Replacement

If your house is new and everything is still intact, you might not have the thought of doing window replacement. Most homeowners do not think of replacing windows until something goes wrong.

Some of them consider window replacement after their windows come out of style, get air and thermal leaks, or are old and warping. Others want to improve their home’s value before a resale, while other homeowners want to change to energy-efficient windows to pay less on energy.

1. Replacement Windows

Window replacement units are made to fit the space of the existing window, and they come with almost exact features of the previous window. Some people prefer them to pocket windows or insert windows. Before buying a replacement window, you have to take measurements of the existing space and carry them with you to the manufacturer to avoid buying a window that cannot fit in your space. If you notice that your window is faulty, you need to replace it.

2. Difference between a Replacement Window and a New Window?

Although most homeowners think that window replacement units are the best solutions to their warping and damaged old windows, this might not be the case. When replacing the window, some parts of the old window, like the frame, stay in place. You want to save on the replacement windows cost, so if the frame is in good condition, you won’t have to buy a new one.

Moisture gets into your house most times through the window sills, and since it is not highly noticeable, you might not replace that. If you notice the area around the window is rotten and in a bad state, it is advisable to use a new construction window. With new construction, the window comes with fins, unlike with the replacement window. The fins allow the window to be nailed onto the house.

3. Double-Hung Or Single-Hung Windows

These two windows resemble because they both have two sashes. The difference comes in the movement of the sashes. For the single-hung, only one of the sashes is movable. To open the sash, you slide the lower sash up for fresh air. The upper sash is permanently fixed and does not move.

For double-hung windows, the two sashes move up and down to open. The upper sash tilts downwards while the lower sash moves upwards. However, it is advisable to open the upper sash only if you have small children and pets so that they do not jump through the window. These two windows are easy to clean because their sashes are tiltable. Although the single-hung is less costly, the double-hung window is better because it gives better ventilation due to its two operable sashes.

4. Which Is The Best Time To Replace Your Windows?

You will not wake up one day and want to replace your windows without reason. Although some people might want to replace their windows according to the temperate seasons, it might not be easy because you will find a long queue, or you might also not find the window at that time of the season.

Although technicians advise that you replace your windows after a certain period, it is advisable to look for signs of warping or damage. If you notice that your windows look old, you can replace them with a better design to give your house a better look. You will also need a replacement if your windows are old and not energy efficient.

5. Replacement Window Materials

a. Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are mostly preferred because of their energy efficiency. They are very affordable, and they have a low cost of maintenance. You will not have to keep repainting these windows because they do not fade or warp.

b. Wood

Wood comes with a magnificent look, and it is expensive. Most homes have wooden windows because they are energy efficient and have a natural look. However, these windows are costly and have a high maintenance cost because they need to be repainted to maintain their look.

c. Fiberglass

This material is more robust than vinyl, but they almost have similar characteristics. Fiberglass windows are energy efficient and have a low cost of maintenance.


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