The Common Ground of Bitcoin in a Socially-Distant World

The Bitcoin industry has buzzed up the world with the feasibility it has given to people. The amazing thing is that we all are bound to a common point and that is bitcoin. We may have several differences like tribal differences, a difference of opinions, a difference of language, and many more. But what makes us unite and is bitcoin that has encapsulated the whole world.

Bitcoiners can connect with other bitcoiners. The connections may not be superficial but they are worthwhile. This is a polarized and socially distant world and enacting connection in this world is a big achievement. The distance has been more aggravated by the pandemic that hit the world hard. It created a void in the lives of people bounding them to their homes.

The major differences.

No matter we talk about politics, religion, Coronavirus but still deep in our hearts we are divided. We have different mind setups, different races, and different ethnicity due to which we are distant from one another. We accept the fact that we are divided. We commonly dismiss other people on their perspectives, appearances, race, and other factors but being a user of bitcoin can cut all the noise!

Bitcoin Industry – A common ground.

When you enter this industry you all are sharing the same set of rules and truth. There is no manipulation in this. Even when you meet other bitcoiners the differences between both of you are either worthy to listen to or non-threatening. Though the differences are to be very slight and are kind of irreconcilable the other one is eager to listen to those because the origin is the same for both.

A way to collaboration.

No doubt the bitcoin industry has always been a means to earn. When you think about it the first thing that comes to your mind is money-related profits or gains. But it is much deeper than this perspective. It has become a means to foster collaboration between people. Some people have made several groups that engage people together. None of them is worried about other’s differences because bitcoin fixes it all when it comes to the daily changing prices.

Bridging gaps.

The best part is that bitcoin has filled up the gaps between people. By gaps here I mean the long distances between them. Even if you are sitting at one spectrum of the world you can easily connect to the person residing on the other spectrum. This was vividly seen during the pandemic when people transacted money through bitcoins and it became a means to establishing their businesses even in the toughest times of all. 

The savior during the pandemic.

Pandemic was very hard on people but in these times, bitcoin came out as a rescue to people. The sudden shut down of markets and businesses made life stagnant for people. It was impossible to make transactions through banks during those times. The best part was that many departmental stores allowed payment through bitcoins. That was a relief for people who were not able to afford to go out. People stayed and carried up to their businesses and paid through these virtual currencies. In this way they were in their homes; safe and sound.

Platforms for the newbies.

The Bitcoin industry is not a hard thing that makes you confused. It has developed with time and bitcoin platforms are one of the improvements it has made. These trading platforms make the trading, investment, and transactions automatic and easier to do. All you need to do is sit in your homes and do the whole work on your mobiles. These platforms have their apps developed. Recently Bitcoin billionaire is in discussion and has a friendly app to aid people while sitting in their homes. You can simply download the Bitcoin Billionaire app and ripe benefits.

The final word!

It has been eleven years since the launch of bitcoin and it has been inculcated into the lives of people. It has become the source to unite them and people have become dependent. It has been a means to the development of a new community. In this community they are free to talk, comment, decide, advise hence making differences aside!


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