The Biggest Start Up Trends in Europe Right Now

Start up

From the success of British start-ups like Zoopla to the recent announcement that Berlin is home to more startups than any other city in Europe, it’s clear that startups are becoming a major force within key European economies. So, what are some of the current trends across Europe?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (often known as AI) has transformed the world of startups. The industry is booming and it’s already changed how we live. Google, Apple, and even Obama are investing in AI research – so where does that leave European startups?

It’s clear that this is a major opportunity for up-and-coming businesses in Europe to create new and exciting projects. Platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM BlueMix OpenScale mean that building AI tools have never been easier – all you need is a team of skilled developers, some capital investment, and the drive to succeed!


Healthcare has always been a hot topic in Europe, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. A report published by Deloitte earlier this year stated that ‘the healthcare system is ripe for disruption as the widespread adoption of connected devices and digitized consumer services could transform patient experiences and substantially lower cost’.

This was further underlined by research from McKinsey & Company, which demonstrated that using existing data could generate £215 billion in additional economic activity across Europe by 2025. As the adoption of mobile devices booms across the continent, it’s clear that there is a huge market for healthcare-related start-ups, particularly those which leverage digital capabilities to improve patient experiences and reduce costs.


The European population is becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and has started to invest in green-tech accordingly. According to a recent report by the Guardian, investments in renewable energy overtook fossil fuels for the first time ever in 2015.

This puts European start-ups at an advantage – after all, who better to create innovative green-tech solutions than the entrepreneurs and innovators in our thriving startup communities?

Online gambling

Even the best nz online casinos or casinos anywhere else for that matter are finding it hard to keep up with Europe’s digital gambling boom. This is apparent not only in gambling and online casinos; you can see lots of European start-ups concentrating on other forms of online gaming and communication. For instance, the rise of the virtual reality headset means that multiplayer gaming, movie watching, and even video conferencing can now be done in immersive 3D.

We can see that there are lots of opportunities for start-ups in Europe. They obviously need to be at the forefront of their respective fields, but this will certainly help them grow and become successful. Various campaigns exist to help start-ups feel more comfortable when it comes to asking for advice or finding the right people who might guide them through their first steps. For instance, the European Startup Initiative is committed to connecting start-ups with experienced entrepreneurs and investors. This can be one of the best ways for anyone starting a business to take advantage of the expertise out there.


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