The Best Websites for Headphones


Here are the top headphones websites to visit.

We couldn’t locate a suitable list of headphones-related websites, so we developed our own.

Most Popular Headphone Websites

What Hi-Fi


It’s the online version of a well-known paper audio magazine. You can still get their monthly magazine sent to your door if you subscribe. They specialize in all things audio, including headphones, with an emphasis on Hi-Fi or higher-end products. It’s a subsidiary of Future plc, which owns a number of websites.



A Montreal-based company that started by reviewing televisions. Today, they’re putting TVs, monitors, mouse and keyboards, headphones, and even vacuum cleaners and blenders through their paces. For a charge, you can have access to their complete test results by joining their “insider access” membership.

Headphones Authority


The audio department of Android Authority, a prominent publication. They mostly concentrate on headphones reviews. There is a vast range of headphone reviews available for all budgets.



CNET is a large general-interest technology website. They cover every aspect of technology you can think of. As a result, they may not be the best source for information about headphones, although some of their reviews and guides are excellent.

They cover news, how-to instructions, autos, health, and even personal finance in addition to tech evaluations. They’re owned by A Red Ventures Company, which also owns Lonely Planet, Healthline,, and other websites.



Future plc’s website is another one of their properties. They are a technology-related website with a variety of editors. Consumer electronics, software, news, tech services, and more are all covered.

Tom’s Guide


Another Future plc corporation website is Tom’s Guide, which used to be independent but is now operated by the same folks who manage a number of other tech-related websites. As you can see, they have a similar design to TechRadar. Consumer gadgets such as headphones, phones, laptops, TVs, and more are covered.



This website is dedicated to PC gaming, as the name says. They do include game reviews and gaming hardware such as keyboards, mice, and PC components, but they also cover PC gaming headsets. It is also a subsidiary of the Future plc company.



Another general technology and lifestyle website covering a wide range of subjects. Headphones are also included. However, you’ll find information on smart home products, fitness, fashion, and outdoor living. It’s more of a generic website run by the Future plc organization.



Head-fi is a community for true audiophiles. This website contains so much information that you could spend days reading it.

The forum covers every possible topic and has a large number of knowledgeable users. It’s the place to go for both new and experienced audiophiles.

However, they frequently discuss higher-end headphones. So they’re not the best source for information about less expensive consumer models.

Reddit – r/headphones


With around 500k users, this is a popular subreddit. You may receive help with almost anything related to headphones. What to buy, the finest setups, and technological issues are all covered.

There’s likely to be something valuable among the many members.



Audiocheck is a straightforward website that assists you in evaluating your headphones.

You may benchmark your headphones for any anomalies and mistakes in their behavior simply by listening to the sounds they provide. This is a simple and effective way to evaluate your headphones and audio surroundings. Very helpful!

Headphones-com is a headphone retailer that also does its own reviews.

The frequency response of various headphones can be compared by model. If you want to evaluate different headphones without trying them on, this is a useful option.

While they focus on high-end products, they provide a lot of information that isn’t available anywhere else.


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