The Best Ways To Secure Your Motorcycle In Your Garage Or Shed


In recent years, motorcycle theft has increased. From October 2021, it was estimated 40,000 motorbikes were stolen in England and Wales. This means motorcycle owners have a 3.3% chance of their motorbike getting stolen each year.

Motorcycle insurance companies state that if your motorcycle is over the value of 10k to 15k, to invest £700 to 1k into Motorcycle security. But Motorcycle owners with bikes under the 10k price range still don’t invest in motorcycle security. Every Motorcycle needs to be insured, this means the likelihood of theft will go down and owners will feel safer.

As the statistics of Motorcycle theft rises, the number of Motorcycle security businesses are increasing as well. There are many different types of security products with different price ranges that serve one purpose: to protect motorcycles from theft.

Why do Motorcycles get stolen so regularly?

  • Motorcycles are known for their design and look. The colour scheme of Motorcycles is eye-catching, this makes them a big target for theft.
  • Motorcycles have a high resell value.
  • The legal consequence of stealing a motorcycle is low as many of the bikes stolen never get found. Most people who steal Motorcycles get light sentences if caught.
  • The police don’t have the resources to find a stolen motorcycle or enough officers to patrol the streets, deeming many motorcycle cases remain unsolved.

How to secure a Motorcycle?

Shed Security Barrier Bar – The Shed Security Barrier is used to deter thieves from entering the motorcycle owners’ garage or shed. The barrier bar stops anyone from the outside from getting in. Many of the bars have an alarm inside and when triggered can let off a loud shriek, alerting the neighbourhood and the thieves running off. The barrier bars are engineered to withstand the attacks that motorcycle thieves will use.

How does the bar work?

The arms and locking post sit opposite to each other against the shed door frame. The barrier bars take up minimal space and because they are elevated this reduces the risk of trip hazards. The arm then locks into position in seconds, forming a barrier to protect your possessions.

Anchor Point – Anchor points are often connected to the barrier bars. This makes it even harder to take a motorcycle and thieves will give up as the risk of getting caught will be high.

Ground Anchors – Ground anchors are installed into the ground and can stop the motorcycle from being stolen. The ground anchor can be attached to the ground or wall. When attached to the wall or ground this allows the motorcycle owner to fit a chain and lock to the motorcycle.

Making sure the Ground anchor is fitted correctly is essential. If the anchor is fitted poorly this can increase the risk of the motorcycle getting stolen quicker.

Disc Locks – Disc locks keep motorcycles safe and prevent the risk of theft. Disc locks are portable, small devices that are used in the brake disc of a motorcycle. Disc locks are lightweight, don’t take up much room, are compact, easy to use and prevent bike theft.

Disc locks are easy to attach to the motorcycle wheel. Also, they can be used with other types of motorcycle security. But makes sure to take it off whilst riding as leaving the disc lock can be dangerous.

Alarm System – Attaching a motion sensor alarm to your motorbike when parked in your garage or shed is a great way to deter thieves. Many alarms have motion sensors which means they can get triggered by the usual movement alerting you and others. Also, adding an alarm can reduce the price of insurance.


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