The Best Skateboard Wheels For Your Board


When you’re looking for the best skateboard wheels for your board, you have a few different options. These include Ricta Clouds, Sector 9 Nine Ball, Pig Wheels, and Bones 100s. All have their advantages and disadvantages, but what’s the best option for you? Read on to discover what we recommend. This guide will help you determine which skateboard wheels are right for you. If you want to learn more about skateboard wheels, read on to discover more!

Ricta Clouds

The Ricta Clouds skateboard wheels are a great option for people who like to cruise through less than ideal surfaces. The bouncy, fast ride of these wheels makes even rough streets feel like a smooth warehouse floor. Their modern shape makes them ideal for skateboarding in parks as well as cruising the city streets. These wheels are also lightweight, which makes them perfect for filming and cruising around town.

The Ricta Clouds skateboard wheels feature a 52mm diameter and 78a hardness. They come in a variety of colors and are made from urethane. Ricta was founded in 2002 and has a dominant skate team with pro riders who test their skateboard wheels. Their Clouds skateboard wheels feature a smooth urethane formula and are resistant to flat spots. Beginners often choose this board since it’s easy to handle. It’s important as a beginner to take care and slowly learn skateboarding step by step. It would be best if you took lessons, it’s as easy as typing skateboard lessons near me in your phone browser. It’s a great journey even when you are a beginner, the learning curve won’t pose any issues, anyone can learn to skateboard.

Sector 9 Nine Ball

The Nineball is a classic among skateboard wheels, thanks to its cushioned and smooth ride. The wheels are available in stone-ground or natural finishes to accommodate a variety of riders. Sector 9 Nine Ball skateboard wheels are perfect for longboarding and cruiser skating, as they offer excellent roll speed and feel. The brand is well-known for its skateboarding equipment and accessories, including Sector 9 longboards and Nine Ball skateboard wheels.

The nine ball is made of 100% premium urethane, so it’s incredibly cushioned and smooth. Nineballs have a 38-mm contact patch and 74mm diameter. You can purchase these wheels individually or in sets of four. They come in black, red, yellow, blue, and silver, which is a great choice for any skateboard. The wheels come in two sizes, but you’ll need at least two sizes to match your existing skateboard.

Pig Wheels

If you’re looking for the best skateboard wheels that’s not only incredibly fast, and durable but also looks like it’s fun to ride, consider the Pig. With two lines of wheels available, Pig offers both hard street style wheels and soft cruiser skateboard wheels. All Pig skateboard wheels use top-grade urethane, with no filters or refinements. You’ll definitely enjoy the ride. Then again, they may not be the fastest wheels on the market, but they are definitely worth the money.

Founded in 1996, Pig Skateboard Wheels is part of the Tum Yeto Company, which also distributes Foundation, Bro Style, and Toy Machine Bloodsucking Company. The wheels are easily identifiable by their pig graphic, but the company also makes a wide range of skateboard parts and accessories, such as boards wax, bearings, and skate tools. Pig Wheels skateboard wheels have an assortment of features, including high-quality materials, which make them ideal for skateboarding.

Bones 100s

The Bones 100s skateboard wheels are great for beginners and advanced skaters alike. With a classic V5 shape, they provide great traction and versatility for all skating styles. Their smooth surface and side-cut profile make them a versatile choice for any terrain. In addition to great performance, these wheels are very affordable. They are the perfect choice for anyone who skates on a budget and is ready to upgrade their wheels.

The Bones 100s skateboard wheels come in a variety of colors. These wheels are 52mm in diameter and feature-100A hardness. These wheels are perfect for street skating but can also be used for park skating. Because they are so durable, they will last you a long time. The Bones 100s are an excellent value and are made from premium materials for long-lasting performance.

Spitfire Formula Fours

The Spitfire Formula Fours skateboard wheels are one of the most popular models on the market today. Available in seven different shapes, this series features high-end abrasion resistance. This is a great choice for technical park and street skating, where speed and control are critical. Choosing the right wheels can be confusing, so we’ve broken down each wheel’s qualities to make the decision process easier.

The Spitfire Formula Four Wheels was released a few years ago. They were designed with greater abrasion resistance and are available in 99A and 101A durometers. They are available in white and colored urethane versions. We found them to be similar in feel to the Bones STF wheels we reviewed a few months ago. Ultimately, we’re impressed with the ride quality and value of these wheels.


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