The Best Russian Brides: How to Find a Woman Online

Russian Bride

Every man wants to be in happy and reliable relationships. Nowadays people rarely meet each other in real life, with the help of friends and colleagues. Only 70 percent of couples are formed in reality, the rest of one meet each other on dating websites and on the Internet in general. People attend not only dating sites, but also special mail order bride services. Today we will tell you how to find a Russian woman without visiting Russia.

Where to look for hot Russian ladies

Slavic women are really sexy, elegant and faithful. You could build serious relationships with someone who is into family, loves cooking and supports you in every way. Where to find this type of person? We will give you some websites where you can communicate with these women.

Top 3 Russian Bride Dating Sites

  1. LadaDate
  2. Mamba
  3. Badoo

It’s a dating website where you can find a Russian lady for marriage.


It’s a dating website where you can find a Russian lady for marriage. You can use free chat and videos, look a lot of real profiles and use convenient filters. If you want to get an unlimited access, buy the Premium profile.

The specifics of mail order bride services.

Using these services, a lot of foreigners find their love every year. They provide you the following options:

  1. Catalogs with wonderful ladies. You will definitely choose a wife with the help of them. You can chat with several women at the same time that will help you to find a woman of your heart.
  2. Chats for everyone. These agencies try to make your communication playful, easy and comfortable. Due to these comfortable chats you won’t have to switch your conversation to social media immediately which will help you to get to know a woman better.
  3. Professional consultations. These services provide you a lot of tools and options for the attraction of Russian brides. You will read informative articles about language barriers, stereotypes, cultural and religious differences, frauds and your safety. This way you will build serious and long relationships with a foreigner.


It’s an old and well-known place where a lot of Ukrainian brides try to find their happiness. You can chat with people, play games and give them virtual gifts to catch their attention.


This is a popular place where it’s easy to find a gorgeous Russian bride. You can use video for communication and a lot of filters to find a proper person. Free registration is also the advantage of this website.

How to distinguish male order bride websites from regular dating sites

Using special platforms is much more effective than the communication on common websites. You pay this service but your search will be successful and you will find someone for marriage. These platforms don’t contain hidden payments. On common dating sites you will spend a lot of time trying to find someone decent. If your relationships don’t work and you have to break up, you will realize you spent a huge amount of money on something without any perspective.

Why dating agencies are the best place for looking for Russian brides

Do you want to meet a Russian lady but you have no idea where to find girls for long-term communication? We recommend you to dwell on special male order bride services for the following reason:

  1. Russian women like these platforms. You can find a lot of ladies, looking the catalogs. Most of Russians aren’t able to travel to other countries, that’s why they prefer to meet foreigners online.
  2. You can chat with a girl being in any country. You don’t need to travel to Russia right now to find a bride. Start romantic relationships online and you will see how exciting they could be!
  3. The professional support. Every service is creating for helping people to build happy long-term relationships. That’s why you will find a lot of useful videos and articles that will help you to chat with women without any problems and to attract them.

How to choose the right service for searching Russian brides

If you are going to marry a Slavic woman, you better pay attention to special platforms. Most of these websites will offer you to become the Premium user but it’s worth it because:

  1. You will find a lot of profiles of real beautiful women.
  2. You will communicate with consultants who know all about international relationships and marriage.
  3. You will be able to chat with girls via video.
  4. You will get help when you buy tickets to Russia.

On these platforms you can write several women to choose the best one. At the same time, your personal information will be protected, that’s why you can be sure about your safety.

Are Russian online brides real?

If you want to find a Russian girl, you should be aware that some people use these platforms only to get some money from foreigners without any goal of having relationships. However, there are some signs that will help you to recognize frauds:

  1. A girls sit in the same room, in the same interior. Mostly these ladies always look attractive and perfect.
  2. They are happy only when you give them a present. When you try to talk about the wedding, they evade this subject.
  3. Her lips don’t match her words. Frauds have translators that will help them with their illegal work.

That’s why trust only well-known brides services that have good reputation.

Is it legal to communicate with Russian male order women?

Many foreigners worry if it’s legal to look for these brides. However, you have nothing to worry about. Agencies carefully select women who want to have a foreign husband. They will have to pay some money for this opportunity and they provide papers for the identification. In some agencies they make women go through some psychological tests to prove their normal mental health and true intentions. So girls have a right to publish their profiles only after some time.

How not to become a victim of scammers

Safety rules are very strict in every agency. If you follow these recommendations, you won’t face scammers:

  1. Don’t publish your explicit pictures.
  2. Don’t share your personal information with strangers.
  3. Don’t send her money if you don’t know her enough.
  4. Try to find out everything about your interlocutor.
  5. If you find something worrying, stop your relationships as soon as possible.

How much money do you need to meet a Russian bride?

Be ready for the following spends:

  • The fees for your agency including the payments for an interpreter and organizational moments.
  • Buying plane tickets to Russia.
  • Payments for her visit to your country including payments for the visa and other papers.
  • Spends for her living in your country until she finds a job.

Is there a guarantee that I will find a Russian woman for marriage?

If some services guarantee you that you will find a wife there, better look for another website. There isn’t guarantee that you will meet you love. Services will only help you with it, will make your search more convenient and will increase your chances to meet a girl. The rest of things depend on you and your interlocutor only. Try to be active and smart to attract Russian ladies!

Some facts about international relationships

Thousands of official marriages register between Slavic women and foreigners every year. The amount increases every year because more and more Russian ladies want to meet a gallant and courteous foreigner for serious relationships. Around 70 percent of marriages between foreigners last more than 5 years which indicates that they are happy and successful enough.

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