The Best Resume Questions

Resume questions

In the modern business world, a professional resume is a must. Well, some people still undervalue that document. We decided to make a Q&A challenge to enclose answers to the most important questions about resumes.

So let’s start with them.

Q: Is a resume obligatory for my job search?
A: There are fewer companies whose HRs are ready to contact a candidate without a resume. It is the resume they look at before inviting you to the interview. Even more. In some businesses, choosing an employee is a multi-stepped process and your resume will be required at least twice. Once when you apply for a job to company’s HR department and then when you are going to the interview with a company’s CEO.

Q: Are there any standards for a resume?
A: As usual, the structure of the resume includes your contact information, personal information, your education and skills and complementary information. But today, it is not always a must. In some cases, you can make your resume shorter or longer, represent it in the form of a video interview or using images, tables, infographics. It all depends on the profession you want to work in and the company you apply for a job at.

Q: Are a resume and CV the same thing?
A: CV (translated from Latin curriculum vitæ that means the course of life) implies a more voluminous document than a classic resume. Unlike a CV, a resume is a more concise document that lists the key, most important points of your professional career. In some cases, you may be asked to write both these documents for your job application yet usually, it is enough to bring your resume.

Q: How can I make my resume properly?
A: If we talk about the content of the document, it is up to you and your peculiarities. And if talking about the structure, the type of fonts, blocks, graphics, it is quite easy to use special resume templates. You can find the, on Just choose the resume template and fill it in with your information.

Q: Is it necessary to attach a photo to my resume?
A: It is not a rule but for some professions, a pleasant appearance is required. In those cases, you may be asked to attach your photo to the resume. In other cases, it’s up to your choice.

Q: How many pages should my resume consist of?
A: As usual, headhunters do not spend much time reading your resume. So it shouldn’t be too long. No need to create a multi-page document if you can provide the full info in a one-page format. Yet, sometimes a resume could be longer up to 2-3 pages but no more.

Q: Should I highlight my hobbies and personal information in the resume?
A: It could play into your hands sometimes as your employer can make your personality portrait according to your personal info and additional info about your lifestyle and hobbies.

We hope that our top-list of questions was informative and useful for you. Do not be afraid to make the most astonishing resume, just aim for the impossible!


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