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Medical Tourism Companies

Germany is a constant leader in the ranking of countries hosting medical tourists. Hospitals in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Munich, and Potsdam treat hundreds of thousands of foreign patients annually. The negative treatment experience at home, loss of trust in specialists or their absence, and lack of quality equipment or medicines encourage patients to seek healthcare abroad.

Why do they prefer Germany?

Germany is the economic engine of the European Union, including in healthcare. That is primarily due to the impressive funding. The country annually invests 12.8% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the development of medicine. In Germany, many research institutes are developing new methods and technologies, and companies are creating advanced medical equipment – such as Siemens and Bosch. The most significant medical concerns in Bavaria are engaged in the production of the latest drugs. These include Bayer, which, along with the American Pfizer, is the world leader in this industry.

Therefore, patients who want to rely on the experience of the world’s leading specialists, advanced scientific developments, and innovative medicines come to Germany for treatment. And also – comfort and good attitude from the medical staff. Research activities are constantly in full swing in Bavaria. Here, patients are close to the source of all innovations in world medicine. Certification of drugs and treatment methods is primarily carried out in the USA, in Germany – and only then in other countries.

Choosing the best

Before you go for healthcare abroad, you should prepare well for the trip. For this, it is best to turn to specialists – so that the choice of a doctor, hospital, or treatment method is correct and does not turn into a painful path of trial and error. Since medicine in Germany is not commercial, it is little represented on the Internet. Sometimes, the necessary information in English and any advertising is simply missing. When people find a reliable medical tourism company that values the image and health of patients, such a challenging trip at first glance becomes as comfortable and practical as possible.

Top of the best medical tourism companies in Germany

Below is a list of medical tourism companies that are successful with patients from all over the world:


The medical tourism agency was registered in Heidelberg in 2018. The organization cooperates with leading university hospitals in World. The experience and qualifications of doctors and innovative technology allow them to diagnose and treat diseases at the early stages. The scope of activity includes all medical directions, interpreter support, medical visa to Germany, etc.

  • Intermed-Consult


The medical tourism company is located in Hessen. It is the only German healthcare provider offering a premium complete service concept for foreign patients, managed by an experienced team of doctors. The company strives for excellent patient healthcare, starting with assessing the condition, providing modern diagnostics and high-quality treatment, and ending with first-class rehabilitation. With its extensive network of medical professionals and in-house medical knowledge management, IMC offers its clients precisely tailored solutions for their health problems.

  • Glorismed Berlin


The main activity of the medical tourism company is diagnostics, examination, and selection of hospitals and specialists. The organization of the arrival of foreign patients and accompanying persons to Germany, as well as all the necessary support on the spot, is confirmed by the state license of Germany (HRB 203312 B).

  • Clinics Alliance of Munich


For more than 12 years, the medical tourism agency has been organizing the treatment of diseases of various complexity in the best German hospitals, as well as conducting diagnostics and rehabilitation in Munich clinics, and throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Clinics Alliance of Munich combines the leading hospitals of southern Bavaria into a single comprehensive system that provides diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in all areas of healthcare.

  • MedTour24


The organization proudly provides its clients with affordable, high-quality healthcare services. It mainly works with hospitals in Frankfurt and the surrounding region – at the center of medical innovations and achievements. During the trip, they will provide you with the necessary care and comfort through their patient coordinator. Their services include the organization of general and narrow-profile diagnostics, oncology medical tourism, cardiovascular diseases, spine surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, and gynecology, stem cell therapy. Innovative methods of treating stroke and multiple sclerosis are also being developed.

  • SEHHA Germany 


The company provides healthcare services for foreign patients from around the world in Germany and the UK. It is an independent medical tourism provider with an extensive network of doctors, practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and travel companies. The International Department oversees foreign patients around the clock.


Arguments in favor of medical tourism to Germany: doctors with a worldwide reputation and tremendous experience, development, and application of innovative techniques, technologies, and drugs. At AiroMedical, we offer an entirely new concept of patient healthcare. We are not limited to transportation services, document translation, accommodation, and concierge service; our know-how is a skillful combination of medical knowledge with the connections needed to find advanced treatment methods and an individual approach when developing an algorithm for each specific clinical case.


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