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Many modern gamblers do not have the opportunity to visit land-based casinos, and therefore nostalgic for the days when such institutions were on every corner. Major brands conducting their activities in the global network, understand the needs of the target audience, and therefore add to the official website of its online casino section with a live dealer. Thus, users have the opportunity to interact not with the system gambling platform, and with the real presenter. To find these big brands with live games, we advise you to read best online casino reviews!

To attract players, young and attractive girls are often invited to the role of the dealer. Consequently, the user can not only quench his sense of excitement, but also to observe the actions of the presenter. The presented company offers registered users a choice of more than 50 games, betting on which should be done in live mode. These are different types of roulette, as well as baccarat, blackjack, craps, lotteries and poker. The catalog of games continues to grow, and therefore there is serious interest in the project.

Its competitors on the gambling market are also trying to be guided by the experience of this company. As a result, most international sites have already added a full-fledged “live casino” section. Such programs are able to impose competition to the classic slot machines and modern video slots, which are now the most popular among players.

Why do you need to bet in live casino: the main advantages

Newcomers to online casinos are usually confused, because they don’t know which direction of gambling to choose for betting. If you consider live games with a real host as an option, it is worth highlighting the following advantages:

  • Visual component. The studio from which is broadcasting the gameplay looks like a room in a real casino. If we are talking about roulette, in front of the dealer is a gaming table with all the necessary attributes. Thus, users who decide to bet, feel the atmosphere of live gambling.
  • The process of betting is intuitive. In front of the user, in addition to the video with the presenter explaining the rules and offering to make a bet, there is a number of buttons. It is with their help, he can perform all the necessary actions. 
  • In the live casino section of most companies, all popular areas of gambling are available, including roulette, card games and lotteries.
  • Such games do not have RNG algorithms, which are associated with random numbers and combinations falling out. Thus, the gambler is more dependent on his own decisions and can directly influence the process.

Consequently, if this format of interaction with online casino likes a potential newcomer, then he needs to choose a site with the presence of appropriate functionality.

How to bet on the game with a live dealer

Naturally, a player who has no experience with betting at live casinos, this process may seem quite complicated. In fact, you only need to use the following algorithm:

  1. Choose a suitable site and create an account. Make a deposit using available payment systems.
  2. Go to the section with live games. Choose a suitable option and connect to the gaming table.
  3. Get acquainted with the interface of the program, and then proceed to betting. It is desirable, before performing this action to familiarize with the rules of the card game or roulette variation of interest.
  4. If the user’s bet was successful, the winnings will automatically be transferred to the main account. The money will be immediately available for withdrawal.

Having gained experience in betting at the live casino, the gambler will be able to spend time interacting with the real host on a daily basis.

The most popular games with a real presenter

To date, many providers of online casino software develop games with a live dealer. These include:

  • Evolution Gaming;
  • NetEnt;
  • Microgaming;
  • Novomatic;
  • PlayTech;
  • Ezugi.

Naturally, it is much more difficult to create a quality program with a live dealer than a slot that can function in offline mode. Live casinos, in turn, should always have real presenters interacting round the clock with clients of gambling platforms for betting. However, this fact does not stop the providers, and therefore the target audience can already try their hand at the following games today:

  • Blackjack. This intuitive and popular game is in great demand. You can understand the rules in just a few minutes, and therefore unnecessary questions when betting will not arise. Almost all developers of gambling software created for Blackjack.
  • Baccarat. Another iconic name when it comes to cards. In many international sites you can bet on baccarat around the clock.
  • Roulette. A classic of the gambling industry. To date, customers at online casinos are available to American, French, European and other variations of roulette. For one bet you can increase the betting amount by 36 times.
  • Craps. Another option for a fun pastime. Every gambler at least once in his life tried playing craps. Consequently, problems in the live casino should not arise.
  • Lotteries. If you are confident in your luck and know that it is you who will be lucky to win the jackpot, you can safely run one of the many lotteries available on casino websites.

Overall, the selection is pretty good. This section perfectly complements the slot machines, and therefore the most productive will be the user who learns how to bet on both slots and live games.


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