The Best Essay Writing Services Available Online in Illinois


Even if you are not very social or stay away from significant events, achieving all of the deadlines still feels miraculous. But how can you balance having a social life with getting decent grades? Some students have already admitted to using professional writing assistance. There are several options available to students as there is a huge variety of writing services which you can utilize which can help you with your writing assignments. Students mostly use writing services of those companies which offer good rates, discounts and different packages. Moreover, They guarantee to quickly and expertly provide papers of the highest quality. 

Essay writing in Illinois is a common academic assignment. Are you spending a lot of time in the library on your college essays? Well, with these college essay writing services, you can put an end to all that suffering. Your peers are already employing college paper writers to get amazing grades, so you don’t have to stress and utilize these services for your assignments. The writing services covered in this article will provide you with premium quality content or essays and flawless grades.

Because college and university students from cities like Chicago, Champaign, Evanston, DeKalb, Carbondale and Edwardsville have to write a huge number of assignments, it gets really boring and hectic at times. It is also tough manage all these essays when you are taking more credits in a semester. When that happens, the top essay writing services can help you easily manage all your assignments. Students can get great outcomes with little effort, and this is all because of the huge number of great academic writers who are offering their services online. Therefore, we have accumulated reviews of 6 best paper writing services in Illinois. We’ll use the information below to decide which essay writing service is best for you. Here is the list:

With a highly skilled team of specialized writers, these essay writing services in Illinois provide the most comprehensive support. These essay writing services’ offerings are sufficient to see you through high school and into graduate school.

TOP 6 Essay Writing Services in Illinois

1. PaperHelp – the best essay service in Chicago

The greatest paper writing service in Chicago, Illinois, is PaperHelp, which can handle assignments at any academic level quickly and essentially for free. Since 2008, it has been providing top-notch documents, such as case study examples, essays, lab reports, articles, reviews, and homework assignments. It is one of the most affordable academic writing services, which ensures quality and is considered The Best. We all know that students are mostly tight on budget because of their high tuition fee and living expenses, and we know they wouldn’t want to spend a lot on hiring someone for their writing assignments. A reputable essay writing service like PaperHelp provides its customers with a variety of expert help at very economical rates. Users can order a variety of academic writing assignments, editing, proofreading, and computations. Based on the type of paper, the deadline, and the amount of pages, the charges are fair.

The UI is simple to use, and placing an order is not too difficult. Customers must complete a form that has 4 steps:

  • General knowledge;
  • Paper specifics;
  • Registration or logging in;
  • Payments and extras.

The starting price for a page is just $10. Additionally, you can always apply bonuses or discounts to lower the price. First-time clients can immediately save up to 15%. You gain a lot from the Loyalty Program as a regular customer. Additionally, you can become a reseller or recommend friends to earn ongoing rewards on your store credit.

There are 200+ degree-holding writers on the PaperHelp writing staff. They’ve all passed grammar and writing exams, which were followed by online interviews and a one-month probationary period. The writers are placed into one of three categories after the last step: Basic, Advanced, or TOP. At PaperHelp, you may choose the best writer for your college essay immediately from the TOP-10 list, providing you with the quick access to the qualified writing help you require.


$10-$20 per page created in 14 days, on average.


  • Inexpensive college essays;
  • Qualified essay writers with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the subject areas they write about;
  • Simple to earn with and save for your upcoming purchases (Referral, Reseller and Loyalty programs);
  • Generous incentives and savings of up to 20%;
  • Excellent client service 24/7;
  • Free revisions for up to three times to guarantee client satisfaction.


  • The added service of a plagiarism report demands additional cost;
  • Urgent documents might be quite expensive.


1,876 reviews for Paper Help have an average rating of 4.5 stars, which shows that most consumers are happy with their purchases. The most common compliments from happy customers about Paper Help are “excellent experience,” “simple process,” and “wonderful job.” Among sites related to education, Paper Help comes in second. 

One of the most well-known writing services in Chicago the entire world is this one. Although their customer service representatives are unacceptably slow, their writing is of above-average quality. Due to the low pricing, students make up a large portion of their clientele. Particularly in the area of plagiarism, PaperHelp’s promises are explicit and specific.

2. 99Papers – Champaign students recommended

Students may handle their papers well and quickly at affordable prices with the help of 99Papers, an online writing service based in Champaign, Illinois. Its intriguing and cheery style initially drew me to this website. The good promises of this business, however, convinced me to test it after reading the homepage and key information. The page costs start at $9. However, do they deliver good value for this money? Continue reading if you’re curious.

Customers of 99papers are guaranteed free revisions up to the point when the essays are flawless and the revision is made within ten days of the order’s completion. For papers with more than 20 pages, this period is extended for an additional 10 days. There are just 3 rounds of revision that are offered for free, according to 99Papers. You must place a fresh purchase for editing if the paper is still not what you were expecting. The same is true for versions that follow different rules than the original ones. Given that the business promises customer pleasure, we do not believe that such a policy is just to customers who pay for their products in advance.

We have to admit that the refund policy’s guidelines are too nebulous to rely on. It is stated that you cannot request a refund after the order has been approved. If you are still dissatisfied with your work, you can ask for a refund, but you must include a summary of the arguments you used to support your claim. In our opinion, a business that values its consumers wouldn’t demand an explanation for why they were receiving a refund of their money. Also, the client will receive a complete refund if the writer misses the deadline and the client has run out of time to request a refund. The price will be adjusted, and only the difference will be reimbursed, if the writer misses the deadline but the customer allows the writer additional time to complete the work.

For your convenience, we have briefly highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of 99Papers.


  • A website that is well-designed;
  • An easy order form;
  • Safe payment options.


  • Unfair refund and revision policies;


A page of a paper costs $8.97. Even when you include in reductions, you will have a hard time finding such costs online. Even better, 99 papers offers a loyalty program and a 5 percent discount on initial orders.


With 114 review as well as customer rating of 4.9 stars, most consumers are satisfied with their order completion. And such clients that are full of content with 99papers are highly likely to mention customer service. 99Papers is ranked 8th among websites that write essays. A low-cost essay writing service is 99Papers.

3. EssayPro – Evanston cheap writing service

With more than 20 years of experience, EssayPro has assisted hundreds of customers in overcoming their challenges by providing them with superior papers and a helpful, professional essay writing service from Evanston. They carefully select each of their paper writers to ensure that they can produce the high-quality, consistent work needed. Customers of EssayPro can take advantage of an easy-to-use business model that focuses on lower costs and open communication with writers. If you discussed all the specifics of your purchase with the writer, it is a great benefit because the outcome won’t be a surprise to you.

Because it doesn’t charge exorbitant charges for its services, EssayPro stands out from the great majority of academic aid providers. I read a lot of Essay Pro reviews and discovered that they offered reasonably affordable costs for individuals who needed aid right away. Additionally, they assert that they give their writers the majority of the bid. There is good news for writers who are looking for a side business. With such slim profit margins, EssayPro will raise the volume of their sales.

Papers of any kind and at any level of complexity are available through its essay service. They have qualified writers who can generate the job you need by the deadline you specify, whether it be case studies or research papers or corporate letters.


  • Very sluggish dashboard;
  • No telephone assistance.


$11 per page.


14,451 reviews for EssayPro have a rating of 4.74 stars, which suggests that many of the consumers are satisfied with the orders. Clients who are satisfied with EssayPro are likely to adopt the approach that is envisioned with care, wonderful experience, and simple approach. EssayPro is ranked first among websites for education. Essay Pro is authentic. It’s a reliable platform that everyone can use to their advantage.

4. SpeedyPaper – DeKalb students oriented writing company

SpeedyPaper is a specialized tool that provides quick assistance with writing essays for use in high school, college, and university courses in DeKalb. Write essays for you and your pals. You can use their essay writing service to assist you with issues of any complexity or academic level. Through access to a distinctive custom writing service, the SpeedyPaper app offers more than 1150 essay writer pros assistance with creating content related to more than 75 themes and disciplines. 

Officially, SpeedyPaper provides up to three free revisions, but in reality, they make as many adjustments as are required to satisfy you. Although SpeedyPaper does not explicitly provide a loyalty program, you may easily request a lifetime discount or a few free bundles if you place a lot of purchases with them. Typically, they give discounts of 11 to 15 percent. A better SpeedyPaper discount may be negotiated if your order totals more than $500.


For the average student, SpeedyPaper has affordable costs. For High School work, they start at $9 per page and go up to $52 for a 6-hour page of work for a Ph.D.


  • Papers submitted that are graded A or B;
  • Quick and friendly assistance;
  • Accessible costs begin at $9;
  • Referral system.


  • To finish your work, you might need to make more than one revision;
  • Aggressive sales tactics and advertising.


It’s true that placing an order only takes a few minutes. The order form is logically simple and unambiguous. The consumer rating for SpeedyPaper is 4.94 stars out of 1,296 reviews, which shows that most customers are generally happy with their purchases. The support service, academic experts, and course work are mentioned by delighted customers of SpeedyPaper most frequently. One of the top four essay writing websites is SpeedyPaper.

5. Studdit – Carbondale professional paper writing provider

The online business Studdit has a group of independent writers who help Carbondale  students with all types of academic homework, from essays, research papers, and dissertations to problem-solving and calculation-intensive assignments. The website for this service is undoubtedly user-friendly and features a really cool design and nice touches. It got our eyes, so we decided to try it out just to find whether they surely know and can handle homework just as good as they promise.


This service’s website is unquestionably user-friendly and features a really awesome design and pleasant interface. Prices for 6 hours deadline are:

  • High School- $10/page;
  • Undergraduate- $13/page;
  • Bachelor- $19/page;
  • Professional- $21/page.

The cost for the order with a three-hour deadline is as follows:

  • Higher education: $23/page;
  • University: $25/page;
  • College – $29/page;
  • $34/ page for a PhD.

Although the prices at Studdit are reasonable enough, you also receive discounts through email offers in addition to a 10% bonus on each order. Additionally, you can participate in their referral program and use them to pay for each new order to receive a 10% incentive.


No social media pages are linked. I believe that each of you has heard me speak about the significance of creating a personal brand on social media platforms. If not, be sure to read my other reviews since this is a fairly typical occurrence. The era of social media is here!


The 30 reviews for Studdit have an average rating of 5 stars, which suggests that most consumers are typically happy with their purchases. Among websites for writing essays, Studdit is ranked 144. The Studdit platform is a reliable one. One of the most trustworthy essay ordering businesses you will ever find online. The optimal and risk-free option to deliver your projects on time is through their writing service. Above all, enlisting their help is quite lawful because they make a point of satisfying their customers.

6. 1Essay – EdwardsVille located service

The majority of pupils should be able to obtain what they’re seeking for because there is a substantial array of services available here and only a few essential paper types are absent. 1Essay – professional writing company from EdwardsVille. Additionally, there are other services like focused dissertation assistance, term paper assistance, and even cover letter assistance offered. There are numerous deadline options ranging from 24 hours to 15 days+, and academic levels from high school to Ph.D. are covered.


To give you an idea of the costs at 1Essay, a five-page standard essay with a Master’s level citation style and a seven-day delivery date will cost you approximately $115.


When compared to some of the larger, more recognized websites, this amount of money obviously falls toward the higher end of the price range. However, keep in mind that adding other services to your work, such as plagiarism reports, expert editing, and reference lists, may result in an increase in price. We searched online, but we couldn’t locate any 1 Essay reviews anywhere. That indicates that they are either a new business or that they don’t actually have any customers. Essay 1, a Russian firm with no internet evaluations, charges $31 per page while the competition is substantially cheaper.


  • No online reviews;
  • No social media linkage.


Are these Essay Writing Services are legal in Illinois?

As they operate within the legal system and adhere to all laws, all of these essay writing services are legitimate, safe, and legal. Universities from Macomb, Springfield, Wheaton, Charleston and Peoria advise students, however, not to seek assistance from these organizations. Legally using these services is not a problem, but picking them requires greater caution. All of these platforms are legitimate, yes! One of the most trustworthy essay ordering businesses you will ever find online. The optimal and risk-free option to deliver your projects on time is through their writing service. Above all, enlisting their help is quite lawful because they make a point of satisfying their customers. They provide you with the knowledge required to earn the top grade in your class. You might utilize the paper they create for you as a source for your own work rather than submitting it as-is. You afterwards submit a distinctive paper that you wrote based on their study. Students all over the world are using these services and benefiting in a variety of ways, whether it be through academics, a positive impression, scholarships, or anything else.

Due to the fact that they are a relatively new idea that enables students to acquire help with assignments and fulfill deadlines, essay writing services are allowed in Illinois. These days, this method is significantly more effective. We hope that this article will allay your concerns so you won’t be hesitant to ask for assistance with your essay. These are legitimate services with strict guidelines so that customers can place orders with confidence. You can ask for a refund and unrestricted revisions to improve your paper. Any student in need of academic support can turn to the service’s big staff of qualified writers. Worldwide writers are employed by them. The team includes a large number of native English speakers as well as professionals from other nations that have a high level of English proficiency.

Which is the best essay writing/editing services?

One of the top companies offering college paper writing services is PaperHelp. The business is renowned for its top-notch quality and speedy turnaround times. After making your order and giving the company all the information they require, your college paper will be given to you within three hours. One of the few online writing services, such as PaperHelp, that you can use for a range of jobs while anticipating the best outcome. They have almost 2,000 specialists on staff, and they can manage over 25 different kinds of paperwork.

Another feature that makes PaperHelp one of the top essay writing services online is the meticulous writer selection process used by the business. They have a policy whereby all writers must successfully complete three steps of verification. Therefore, you may relax knowing that a skilled essay writer will handle your writing project.

It is the best because:

  • You can acquire a variety of writing services and be confident that the authors will fulfill your expectations.
  • Thanks to the fantastic website’s user-friendly interface, placing an order and receiving your work are both incredibly straightforward processes.
  • It is among the quickest simple writing services available online.
  • Documents that are entirely free of plagiarism.

Since originality is the cornerstone of our writing service, all PaperHelp writers are required to deliver essays with unique content. They are aware of the penalties and other actions taken when copied content is found in their works. In order to protect you against any plagiarism, all custom-written papers are also checked using up-to-date plagiarism detection software. If you find that any of the directions were not followed or that your custom essay contains duplicated material, you can request a refund. They are always being on time, therefore they send the required document prior to the deadline. 

The cheapest paper writing service in Illinois?

We must admit that the pricing at EssayPro seem a bit too low. According to the main page, the pricing per page starts at $7; however, you must order more than five pages at once to receive that price. The price decreases as you place additional orders, which is a great benefit for larger projects like dissertations or research articles. The price also decreases when the deadline is extended, thus an order with a two-day deadline will be much more expensive than one with a two-week deadline.

You can use a calculator to estimate the price of the finished paper before placing a purchase. That’s incredibly practical if you just have a limited budget, which is frequently the case for students. The company genuinely cares about its clients and wants to keep in touch with them for as long as possible. Choosing a timeframe for your order at EssayPro is almost unlimited. Astonishingly, you may order both a university-level paper and one that is written for a school within a six-hour deadline. On the opposite end of the urgency scale, you can have your essay completed in two months, which will result in a significantly lower cost for the purchase.

Is buying essays online safe in Illinois?

As long as the essays are created from scratch by a competent professional writer, buying essays online is totally secure in Elmhurst, Bloomington, Rock Island and  Galesburg. Before entering any personal information, you should always confirm that the website is secure and safe. Despite worries about whether it is secure to order essays online, students are increasingly turning to this option to complete their projects. Although more students are employing ghostwriters, there is some concern that they may be discovered using such essay assistance. But in Illinois, buying essays online is absolutely safe!

All the essay writing services in Illinois are the one-stop shop for all of your homework-related issues. They have extensive experience in supplying consumers with editing and proofreading services, as well as producing term papers, admission essays, and math calculations. Even better, you can have a dissertation created entirely from scratch or have one of its portions professionally edited or proofread. All these services respect the ethical values and anonymity is one of them. This business never divulges your information to outside parties or requests more information from you than is necessary to process the payment. These platforms produce unique, fully referenced writings.  A first-of-its-kind system of email and SMS alerts consumers receive when the status of their purchase has charged has been created by these best essay writing services, who also provide round-the-clock help.

How much does it cost to buy an essay in Illinois? 

The cost of buying an essay in Illinois starts from $7 and it depends on the project you are interested to get done by the essay writing services.  The price of SpeedyPaper is reasonable for the ordinary student. Paper Help charges $11 per page for work for high school students, and prices rise to $52 for a 6-hour page of work for a Ph.D. The website for the EssayPro service is without a doubt user-friendly, has an excellent design, and has a lovely interface. The range in cost for a 3 to 6 hour deadline is $10 to $34. Although the costs at these essay writing services are affordable enough, you also get bonuses of 10% on each order and savings through email offers. Additionally, you may sign up for their referral program and pay with them for each new order to get a 10% bonus. For reference, the price for a five-page standard essay from 1Essay with a Master’s level citation style and a seven-day delivery deadline is almost $115. Even while not every provider openly offers a loyalty program, if you make a lot of purchases with them, you can easily ask for a lifetime discount or a few free bundles. They often provide discounts between 11 and 15 percent. 

Concluding Remarks

Are you seeking for a service to write your paper quickly? Don’t pass the opportunity to use one of the top 6 essay writing services in Illinois listed above. Users have already expressed their love for these services, and their satisfaction levels are excellent. These businesses offer varying levels of expert writing aid and are prepared to finish your request within a 3- or 6-hour deadline. Prices for a one-page, high school essay with a set deadline start at $7.

Before placing an order, customers can review paper samples to assess the caliber of the work. The services also have a lovely blog with lots of helpful content. Users can thereby gain new knowledge as they wait for their orders to be prepared. The main goal of these services is to satisfy the needs of the students. They are very good at acquiring data and following the rules. It’s also important to note that every custom company is fully aware of the terminology and formatting styles that should be used in college essays in order for students to receive top ratings. Students are always under a lot of stress because of the academic assignments, and if you are a student you would relate. So, we hope this article helped you in deciding which writing services you can use to save a ton of time and avoid stress.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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