The Best Email Marketing Tools of 2022


It is very important to work with the best email marketing tools to achieve optimum results. 

As you know, updates regarding the best email marketing tools are quite frequent, so you may be a little behind the times if you haven’t researched the topic in a while.

That is why we have prepared an updated list regarding the best email marketing tools of 2022 and its features. 

1. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is an email software that comprises a long series of strategies to help the marketing department. It is simple, yet powerful, being a good choice for creating compelling campaigns in a very intuitive way. It has a cloud-based operating system.

It is oriented rather for small and medium-sized companies, although it could also be integrated into the business model of a larger company. Moreover, it is adaptable to virtually any type of industry.

2. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is another tool that specializes in the design and creation of newsletters, forms, as well as offering different options to monitor results.

It offers different plans for companies that work both with the end consumer (B2C) and those that work with other companies (B2B).

The main added value of the entity is to offer an advanced segmentation that allows it to capture the customer’s attention with messages that adapt to their profile. It offers tips on how to create a CTA (call to action) that really suits your audience and get them to follow up with you.

It has a 14-day trial version so you can get to know everything the platform has to offer, without paying for it.

3. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels makes it easy for you to create sales funnels quickly and easily. It can also be used for lead generation.

It allows us to use some free resources, such as the Perfect Webinar. You can also access your own platforms to create landing pages to attract potential customers.

Like the previous option, it is also a paid tool, although it has a 14-day trial version.

4. Hubspot

Among the best marketing tools for 2022 is Hubspot, which we couldn’t forget to mention. Although it is true that this platform offers some free options, the email tool is expensive, but it is worth it.

It is a comprehensive solution that allows the integration of content with social networks; so we can connect leads, track emails and manage automations and segmentations.

5. Sendinblue

We close with Sendinblue, another alternative that does not require any kind of cover letter. It has a free version (the maximum daily sending will be 9000 emails per month, with a daily limit of 300 emails).

However, it has no automation function, not even in the professional version.

Keep these tools in mind and you will have everything covered in the marketing department.


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