The Best CEL-FI Boosters to Improve a Mobile Signal in the UK


Signal stability is affected by numerous barriers that arise in its path. Today, there is a very real opportunity to solve the problem with the quality of a cellular signal by installing a repeater – special equipment, the action of which is aimed at amplifying the cellular signal. Taking into account the fact that the market is already oversaturated with this equipment, the question logically arises for users: what criteria should be used to choose a repeater and what should be paid attention to first of all when getting acquainted with this equipment? In this article, you will find the answer on this question and mobile signal booster reviews.

How the repeater works

The whole process of strengthening cellular communications using a repeater can be divided into several steps:

  1. A weak HF signal from the operator’s tower is received by an external antenna.
  2. From the external antenna, the signal is transmitted via cable to the repeater.
  3. The repeater amplifies the signal using high quality and precise electronic components.
  4. Further, through another cable, the amplified signal is fed to the internal antenna.
  5. An indoor antenna propagates waves in the direction of subscriber devices: smartphones, cell phones, modems and routers.

Since the selection of equipment may be a problem associated with a large number of devices with different technical characteristics, you should understand the main aspects of the operation of repeaters and the conditions that should be met before buying a repeater.

First, you should determine the standard of cellular communication and measure the level of the current signal. Secondly, you need to determine the gain for future equipment. Thirdly, you need to decide on the output power of the equipment. Fourth, choose the right additional components.

The best repeaters to use in the UK

To simplify the process of choosing a mobile signal amplifier, the study of the characteristics of different devices is needed. Let’s take a look at Cel-Fi products that you can buy and use in the UK.


The CEL-FI PRO wireless amplifier will improve the quality of cellular communications and the Internet in a country house, small office, apartment or shop.

CEL-FI PRO supports the ability to install an additional external antenna for signal reception, and also has an optional PRO-X adapter that allows you to connect units with a cable (when Wi-Fi connection is not possible).

The device operates in 4 bands – 3G (900/2100) and 4G (1800/2600), and amplifies the signal of one operator at a time. CEL-FI PRO is authorized by operators and certified by government authorities in the field of communications, which confirms the safety of using the device.


  1. Improved voice coverage.
  2. Clean and reliable connection of 3G/4G voice calls within the coverage area – up to 1235 sq.m.
  3. Improved data transfer rate.
  4. In areas with poor reception, the Cel-Fi system delivers up to 4x faster data rates than current.
  5. Improved battery life Cel-Fi manages the power level between the operator’s base station and user devices to extend the battery life of subscriber devices.

Cel-Fi DUO

Cel-Fi DUO allows you to improve the quality of coverage (voice and data transmission) in 3G, 4G and LTE standards in apartments, houses, offices, etc. With up to 100dB of signal amplification, Cel-Fi improves indoor cellular communications and reduces the power output of your mobile device, extending its battery life.


  1. Plug&Play, easy installation – no external cables, antennas, wires, or wiring required.
  2. Compact modern design.
  3. Intuitive user interface LED indication.
  4. Integrated antennas.
  5. Support for Nextivity Wave mobile applications. Conflict-free coexistence with neighboring Cel-Fi systems.
  6. Patented 2-block system.
  7. Ability to remotely update software.
  8. Engineering mode.
  9. Mounting brackets are supplied with each unit.


Cel-Fi PRIME allows you to cover an area of ​​up to 300 m2 indoors (you need to take into account the architecture of partitions and floors of the room). The coverage unit and the network unit are interconnected using a cable that is included in the equipment kit, forming a 2-unit wired system. With up to 80dB of signal amplification, the Nextivity Cel-Fi Prime antenna improves indoor cellular coverage while reducing the power output of your mobile device, extending its battery life.


  1. Easy Installation.
  2. Neat and compact industrial design.
  3. LED user interface (UI).
  4. Built-in antennas.
  5. Auto-configured and offline.
  6. Can be used in areas where 5GHz channels are limited (Cel-Fi PRIME does not use wireless communication between Network and Coverage Units).
  7. Mobile phones do not need to be registered with the Cel-Fi PRIME to use the network..
  8. Does not interfere with other Cel-Fi devices nearby.
  9. Possibility of remote software update.
  10. Support for Nextivity WAVE mobile and desktop software.
  11. Tech Mode using the WAVE app.
  12. End-to-end cellular encryption without the added risk of vulnerability.
  13. Mounting bracket included.


CEL-FI GO X – consists of a main unit to which you need to connect an external (donor) antenna and one or more internal (service) antennas, depending on the required coverage area. The system will automatically tune in to the required telecom operator and select the optimal gain. The amplifier supports all new 3G (UMTS2100) and 4G (LTE900/1800/2600) standards. GO X can operate in single carrier 3G/4G boost mode or 3G only boost mode for two carriers to choose from. Cable and antennas are not included and must be purchased separately.


  1. Distribution and strengthening of the cellular network.
  2. Support 3G and 4G, Voice and data, network security.
  3. LED signals provide visual feedback for easy setup and status monitoring.
  4. Works with any subscriber devices on the operator’s network.
  5. Support 3G & 4G / LTE (WCDMA / HSPA+ / LTE). Simultaneous support for two bands of one operator. Frequency separation of channels.
  6. Up to 100dB gain per band.
  7. Compatible with existing Wi-Fi network, and cellular and femtocell devices.
  8. Improved digital echo cancellation and frequency selection filtering algorithm.
  9. Automatic gain control based on real-time fast echo cancellation algorithm.
  10. Linear characteristics of the output filter.
  11. Adaptive signal compensation.
  12. Using the 3rd generation Nextivity “ARES” chip.


The selection of a repeater is a completely individual process, it depends on many factors that will subsequently affect the quality of the signal. Therefore, it is best to entrust the selection of the repeater kit and antennas to qualified specialists. UCtel is one of the best companies in the UK to get assistance with mobile signal booster installation. Since 2011 UCtel has been providing cutting-edge technology that enables faster communication and better collaboration in a variety of sectors.


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