The best 3 research paper writing services

research paper writing services

It often happens that the total workload of study and work consumes an incredible amount of energy from people of student age and those who decide to go to university later in their life. Moreover, a lot of work and study stuff pieces sometimes cross each other on the to-do list, and, well, it is no secret that it is very difficult to manage and pass all the additional tasks at the university, and effectively invest in work. Therefore, many people with excellent student syndrome sincerely dream of a fabulous flywheel of time such as Hermione’s. Because how else can you do everything effectively if you can’t be in several places at the same time?

Along with all this, the question arises: how to have time to hand over, for example, an essay / research paper, when there is no time, and even more so there is no energy to invest in this time-consuming business? You either have to somehow maneuver between everyday affairs, exhausting yourself to the end with intellectual work and wasting the last psychological resources and nerve cells on research and paper and its design… Or you can ask a professional for help on this task. And we are not talking about a psychologist (although a psychologist is also a very necessary specialist in life but now, we are not talking about that).

So, purely in theory, you can order some services that specialize on saving students of all ages from tasks that are sometimes simply impossible to cope with. It’s just that it is quite difficult to find such research paper writing services: not all of them are reliable, few can be trustworthy, especially when it comes to looking for them on the Internet, where a lot of fraudsters are disguised as professionals.

If you ask yourself «Can I pay someone to write a research paper?» you came to a right place. It is best, of course, to seek advice from other students who already have experience with research writing services and who know which ones are guaranteed to do the job well, taking into account the time frame and rules of academic integrity. Many of those students, who know stuff, are connected on social networks, forums or other platforms. One of the platforms where you can find a lot of interesting information about this is Reddit — then let’s see what the students themselves advise there!

1. PaperHelp


This platform is plausibly the most popular when it comes to essay writing and research paper writing specifically. And we are talking about completing tasks not only for university students: the platform freely provides services, including the needs of high-school students and up to those applicants for education who continue their way of conquering the science up to masters and doctors of science.

In the comment section you may encounter a lot of reviews that tell that the use of the capabilities of this platform ultimately led to the successful completion of the tasks, followed by a high mark given by mentors. Most of the commentators, who talk about the assessment of the work by teachers, note that they easily received the highest points for the provided material.

You can also find a large number of examples of completed tasks on the platform website. It is easy to see that platform employees can cope with topics of any discipline, from historical issues to topics of computer technology and innovation.

What is important, in addition to the quality of work, the service is also known to be adequate in terms of price. The pricing policy there is tolerable and varies greatly depending on the course of education for which the task is being done. Pricing starts at 10 dollars/page for high school grade paper, and rises to 29 dollars/p. for Master’s degrees.

2. The Uni Tutor

This platform also handles a huge number of written assignments of different formats, sizes and thematic without any problems. The number of possibilities is pleasantly surprising: you can order just a one-page paper in order to save yourself from some small task and other time you can also ask to write a thorough dissertation or scientific research up to four hundred pages!

Reddit users note that the service is especially convenient for those education seekers who do not initially speak English and have certain difficulties with operating the language while working on their scientific documents.

The platform workers are residents of the US and UK, graduates of elite educational institutions that are famous all over the world. The authors of this service will correct foreign students’ English language without any problems, taking into account the smallest rules of the English language, the study of which often becomes an additional burden for those talented students from other countries who previously did not have the opportunity to master the language.

Commentators say that this service is very fast and constantly provides support for its customers with any questions. Many users turn to the services of this platform several times, and each time the materials received please their customers with a high level of performance. It is true that the services of this platform are quite expensive (an average price for the reserach paper is around $150), but at the same time there is an opportunity to save money. For example, they offer 10% off discount with the code GET10gift.

2.  ExpertWriting


Yes, sometimes you just need to relax, allow yourself the long-awaited rest and put your study-panic on the background. This platform will allow you to do this, taking on all the difficulties of writing a scientific research paperwork. Again, we see a service that completes a huge variety of tasks. And Reddit users say that this reserach paper writing service saved them from terrible hassle and panic, when they had no idea what to say in their essay at all.

Sometimes users could not even come up with topics for themselves (anything can happen, it is especially difficult to think clearly in constant stress), but the platform employees helped with this as well.

Plus, the employees of this service systematically report to their customers, keeping them informed of the process (rest assured, things are moving forward!).

The works that come out from the quills of the authors are good enough, easily applying for B. Great for those clients who do not strive for an exhausting idealism and allow themselves to have just okay grades on a par with excellent ones.

As for prices: start at 10 dollars/page.

3.  99Papers


A service that works continuously and, in principle, also accumulates a large number of advantages of similar platforms, like all previous ones described. Again, the users of our chosen network do not skimp on positive reviews: some simply note good results after the presentation of their materials, and some sincerely share that the employees of this platform saved them from terrible stress. There is a noticeable friendliness of employees along with excellent work in fulfilling orders, no matter how complex they are in terms of subject matter and terminology. The prices are described as bearable and reasonable.

Let’s summarize

The very first platform on the list is the most popular, but this does not exclude the quality of work of other similar services, which can provide high-quality work performance in a short time and help students of all ages and nationalities to slightly ease their busy life, full of studies, work and additional tasks on a par with household chores.

It is important to note that the platforms submitted for consideration are very diverse: here we have some stuff that may in different ways satisfy a person with an excellent student’s syndrome, who does not accept the opportunity to get something below the ideal grade, and also, we have a lot of interesting options for a person who is much calmer about the matter of grades.

The pricing policy for all platforms is also different, so there is an opportunity to order something budgetary, but in parallel there is an opportunity to invest more budget in work that will be expensive in every sense. It all depends solely on the requirements and plans of the client.

However, you should not blindly rush to make an order after you have read this text, even if the option to use these services seems great. Before making your choice, it is also advisable to independently study other possible options and compare them.


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